7 Famous Faces We Love to Hate

There are those celebrities that we all just can’t help but love. Who can hate the adorkableness of Zooey Deschanel? And its hard to not fall in love with Paul Rudd after watching pretty much any of his movies (Clueless, anyone?). But then there are those celebrities that we just don’t like. And it seems to be more fun that way.

Who doesn’t love a good discussion of Charlie Sheen’s latest antic? The guy even got his own Comedy Central roast! And for all of you who haven’t yet forgiven Kanye for interrupting T.Swift that time at the VMAs (and you spent pretty much all of high school listening to FearlessĀ like me), you have a pretty legitimate reason for being ticked off at the guy. So here’s our list of the top seven famous people we just love to hate.

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