Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Art With InstaThis! [Giveaway]

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I feel like I can hear you all pouting already. It can be pretty tough to buy a special Valentine’s Day gift, not only for your significant other, but for anyone you love! Think about all the times you have either given or received flowers and chocolates — they’re so predictable and impersonal. Plus, when I get all those chocolates, I don’t have the heart to throw them away. Instead, I sit there stuffing my face with shame and calories, vowing to never eat chocolate again…

Well, if you want to avoid falling into the boring card/candy/flowers routine, look no further than InstaThis!

InstaThis is a new streamlined service that connects directly to your Instagram photos and creates stunning prints on wood or acrylic. Launched November 25th, 2012 in Chicago, InstaThis aims to influence the way you view Instagram photos. Now, instead of merely viewing your prints digitally, you can create works of art for the people you love.  Using a unique mix of web-to-print technology and handmade craftsmanship, InstaThis creates one-of-a-kind wall art in a variety of sizes at a reasonable cost with significant discounts for ordering multiple prints (up to 40%).

InstaThis wants to give YOU the chance to win three 12 x 12 photos on wood! You can select your three favorite Instagram shots and InstaThis will send you beautiful color prints on a unique medium — no two pieces of wood are exactly alike!

To enter, leave a comment below answering the following: If you could have anyone paint your portrait, who would it be? We want to hear some wacky and creative answers so make sure to share below and we’ll pick a winner on February 3rd!


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    1. Kayla Johnson says:

      Picasso. It's be interesting to see how it comes out!:)

    2. Kayla Johnson says:


    3. Danielle Pontow says:

      id have to say Monet.

    4. Sami says:

      Andy Warhol! Pop art would be so neat!

    5. jackeline says:

      Salvador Dali!

    6. Hanna says:

      Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun! If she’s good enough for Marie Antoinette, she’s good enough for me! And I think a female would know that I want to look hotter in my portrait than I do in real life:)

    7. chicawithideas says:

      Leonardo da Vinci, of course. i want to look like the Mona Lisa.

    8. ewei319 says:

      While I would say the guy who painted the Kate Middleton' portrait so I would know how I'd look 20 years from now, I would much rather this elephant paint my portrait:

    9. Heike says:

      Either monet or van gogh:)

    10. Hannah says:

      I would want Ellen to paint my picture. That’d be hilarious!

    11. Rachel Davis says:

      Definitely the elderly woman who did the restoration of the Ecce Homo fresco (aka restoration fail). It'd be a surprise!

    12. Jennifer vD. says:

      My seeing-eye (guidance) puppy Iris (black labrador retriever). We are training her so that she can become a seeing-eye dog next summer for someone who needs her. I am with her 24/7 for a year and I cannot stop wondering what she is thinking! She seems super intelligent so she must be thinking something right?! I wonder how she sees me and what she thinks of me, and even if she'd miss me when she will leave us. If she would paint a painting of me I would have something to remember her forever and maybe even have a chance to see how she sees me!!! Imagine this cute fluffy puppy playing with paint and making a painting… WOWIE. The painting would definitely be pink with a whole lotta glitters!! Cuz' we are princessy like that😉

    13. Tamara says:

      I would like all the fictional characters of How I met your mother to paint my portrait- Barney Stinson, Lily, Marshall, and Ted

      1. Tamara says:

        And Robin…oops.

    14. Emma Mills says:

      If I could, I would say my great-grandfather. He passed away when I was really young, but he was an incredible artist. I would have been honored to see what I look like through his eyes.

    15. Bianca says:

      Dali please!

    16. Caitlyn says:

      I would obviously choose Dolly Parton to paint my portrait! She is hilarious, creative, and genuinely a kind hearted person. I know that the portrait wouldn't come out "normal" but it would be so interesting to see what she came up with!

    17. love photos says:

      Lovely colors and paints….

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