The 20 Minute Fat Burn You Can Do Between Class [CC’s ShapeU]

So I was a little unmotivated this morning (gasp) and needed a bit of a push to get my workout in before class! I decided to channel my inner Jane Fonda – a much younger, just-starting-out Jane Fonda, I might add – and tried to find a quick cardio workout video that I could just follow along. Let’s just say I wasn’t too interested in planning one out myself at eight in the morning. Can you blame me?

Even I, someone who does this as a job, find that sometimes it’s nice to simply follow along! Anyway, it took a little time to find one I thought would actually be a good workout, but eventually I came across this gem of a workout video by Denise Austin. It didn’t take much time for Denise Austin: Ultimate Fat Burn to get me working hard and ready to hit the shower. My heart was pumping, and I have to say, walking to class, I was a little sore…not bad for a 20 minute workout. Try it out and see if you feel the same!

A little something on exercise videos: make sure you know where they’re coming from. Usually, if you can order the DVD they at least have some form of credibility. This video is also from Lionsgate’s BeFit series, and Denise Austin is a well-known trainer. Now, this doesn’t mean that videos without YouTube channels, big production companies, or celebrity trainers in them aren’t legitimate, informative, or safe, you just need to be aware and subjective. The cool thing about videos is being able to repeat, skip, or pause at any point. Feel like you can go more? Restart the video and do it again for 40 minutes of cardio. Maybe you weren’t a fan of one section of the workout, skip it and move on to the next one. It’s a really great way to personalize your workout! Enjoy!

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