20 Awkward Celebrity Kisses [Gallery]

Kissing is fun if you’re in on the action. From the outside, kissing looks like some nonsensical, face slurping. Watching a couple smooch is like watching National Geographic but just like anything else it is far more fascinating when celebrities do it. These 20 awkward kisses are sometimes confusing, sometimes sweet but mostly sort of uncomfortable. Remember that time Angelina Jolie made out with her brother?

Check out 20 MORE Awkward Celebrity Kisses

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    1. waoo what is the great kissing between two girls. Nice pictures

    2. Kytten says:

      Dude, who's the male in picture 18? o.o o.o o.o o.o

      1. Jessica says:

        Pete Wentz

    3. coleador_07 says:

      Kiss is a greates expression of love!

      como besar

    4. jay says:

      kiss is thee best way too share
      thee feelings

    5. Mabel Leaf says:

      LOL….Liz Tyler

    6. […] more awkward watching celebrities kiss, don’t you think? Since you guys loved our original 20 Awkward Celebrity Kisses post, we thought we’d round up 20 MORE derpy liplocks. Look through them and judge for […]

    7. Donna says:

      Where is Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie. Had to be most awkward kiss ever.

    8. Omg the kiss between madonn and briteny is the awkwrdest:/

      1. мадина says:

        марина ето я как дела моя дорогая как доехала в питер

    9. James says:

      how did they miss Micheal Jackson and Lisa Marie Pressley at the MTV music awards????

    10. Lol... says:

      What about the 75th Academy Awards night when Adrien Brody thought it was cool to stick his tongue down Halle Berry’s throat when he won the Best Actor award?

      Man… Can’t fault him for going for it, I guess, but she was less than excited about it…

    11. this site is called "RANkER" DO NOT GO THERE = waste of time a commercial after every three photos.DO NOT DO NOT go waste of time repeaat PEACE OF CRAP

      P.S while trying to scroll forward around the g.d. commercial–I accidentally shut the main g.d. page
      screw you people do we really need g.d. commercials after every 3 photos assholes

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