Where Are They Now? The Leading Men of “The Bachelor”

Ever since I had to write an article about Sean Lowe and his “reborn virginity,” I became interested in watching The Bachelor again. To be honest, the last time I really sat down and religiously watched The Bachelor was when Andrew Firestone (Season 3) was on it. Yes, please don’t hate me.

So, when I realized we are currently on the 17th season of The Bachelor, it got me thinking. Where are all these gorgeous men I have missed and what are they up to now? Are they still bachelors or have they settled down with the girl they chose on the show? If you’re like me and missed a “few seasons” here and there, you guys can use this cheat sheet to catch up!

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    1. LAUREN says:

      SHAME ON THIS AUTHOR for revealing the winner. There should be a spoiler alert in the title of this article and on Shawn's slide, so we know not to read any more. RUDE!

      1. Shanthi says:

        I have one word for you- RELAX. This isn't life or death, and if it is for you, you might need to reevaluate your priorities in life. I am not the one being rude, and there is absolutely no need to go around calling people names like a child. You had the chance to stop when I said sorry if I ruin the ending for you guys. That's your problem if you didn't leave the page. Don't blame others. Also, the ending is ALL OVER THE INTERNET. I highly doubt this is the only website you read.

      2. Steph says:

        Maybe if you didn't put the spoiler RIGHT AFTER the phrase "sorry if I ruin the ending.." That was pretty pointless. And it sounds like you're the one getting a little over defensive to the commenter above?

        And FYI, yes it's all over the internet, but unlike you, those authors have the decency to put spoiler alert in the title…it's not life or death but you just ruined an entire season of watching for us.

      3. Shanthi says:

        I am getting defensive because I absolutely have no respect for people who don't have manners. If you see below, someone else also commented similar to you but were respectful enough to not call me names. I respect them and their opinions. You on the other hand need to go look up what the word decency means in the dictionary. Actually, you're right- I should be ashamed not for what I write but for actually wasting my valuable time to reply to your useless ramblings.

      4. Lauren says:

        You're super defensive of your work. Get a grip. It actually WAS rude to ruin the ending, and no one called you any names. I said "rude," which you were, and continue to be. "Useless ramblings," "no respect," honey, please. It's common decency to put a disclaimer before you ruin the ending. As an entertainment blogger (or contributor to an entertainment website), you should know that it is not life or death, but if I care enough about it to read sidebar articles on the web, I probably don't want the ending spoiled. As someone else said, the spoiler doesn't even fit in this article.

        Steph, thanks for taking up for me. I see you got the brunt of the hateful response because the author didn't read carefully enough to know we aren't the same person.

      5. Alexa says:

        Completely agree with everyone else. I was skimming and by the time I processed that you had mentioned "ruining the ending" it was too late. I don't see why it hasn't been changed to make it obvious that there's a spoiler–it's obviously not life or death, but kind of basic decency to at least put a more obvious warning in there. About the ending being all over the internet, I would imagine that most readers who don't want the ending spoiled stay away from current articles about the Bachelor (but might read this one, because I at least didn't even realize Sean was going to be included on this list considering the season hasn't concluded). It has nothing to do with whether or not this is the only website someone reads.

        Anyway, considering the backlash you might as well attempt to spare future readers.

    2. Melissa says:

      I really wish you'd hit enter a few times. "Sorry if I ruin the ending for you guys" wasn't very helpful when right under it, in the same sentence, it said the winner. By the time I read it, it was too late because I already saw it out of the corner of my eyes.:/
      Really didn't want to be spoiled..

    3. Alex- University of South Carolina says:

      The last slide has been amended, plus this was only the *rumored* winner. CALM YO TITS, EVERYBODY.

    4. Linda W. Morrow says:

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    5. WBB says:

      Hahaha, Lorenzo Borghese was also in a Dutch dating show.

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