Get Honest Opinions From Your Friends with YouTell [Web Spy]


Sometimes, it’s hard to make decisions and it’s nice to get a second (or third, or twelfth) opinion. The problem is you can’t always trust your friends’ answers to be 100% truthful, especially when they’re worried about your feelings or making you angry (case in point: the age-old “does this make me look fat?” question – there is no right answer to that one).

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get truthful answers from your friends? Well, now you can with YouTell!

First, create a YouTell profile and post a few questions. Then, invite your friends (via email invites, Facebook or Twitter) to start getting their feedback. Since your friends can post their responses anonymously, they’ll probably be more inclined to answer honestly – even brutally so. So make sure you really want to know what they all think about that tattoo before you ask.

You can also choose questions to filter the different groups of people you invite (between friends, relatives, and co-workers), to help you better assess the feedback you get based on how well the respondents know you. One thing to note is to make sure you invite a good amount of people, to make it easier for their responses to remain anonymous.

You can also return the favor! Once your friends sign up, they can add their own questions that you can add your own honest, anonymous feedback to.

So the next time you’re not sure about whether you should cut your hair or wonder what your friends really think about your newest boyfriend, just consult YouTell!



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