10 Celebrities With Unexpected College Degrees

We always think celebrities have it all — the fame, the money, the glitz, and the glamour. But, have you ever wondered how many of these stars have some sort of a college degree? It would scare me if I didn’t have a degree in this day and age because finding a job with a college degree (and many other credentials) is hard enough! Well, you might ask when these people would ever need to get a job or wonder why would they need a higher education. What if their acting careers plummet and they went bankrupt? What if it’s as simple as being able to help their own kids with their homework, or simply wanting to feel educated? Also, whether we like it or not, celebrities sometimes become role models for people of all age!

Anyways, I think it’s always important to get the highest education you can to keep your brain in shape and be a well-informed person. So here is my ode to celebrities who actually took the time and effort to complete their college or graduate degrees!

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    2. donoch02 says:

      I❤ Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling. And Conan O'Brien. And James Franco. And the fact that James Franco is sleeping in the pic.

    3. E. says:

      Sorry but how is a degree in drama ‘unexpected’ when it belongs to a professional actor?

    4. Xungi says:

      I'm sorry how is this unexpected?

    5. Dear says:

      Ok James Franco is intense.

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