Kanye Refuses to Watch Kim K. Give Birth

Cosmopolitan recently wrote an article about how Kanye West declared he WON’T be in the delivery room with Kim, which got me thinking — would I want my baby’s dad in the delivery room or not?

Honestly, I don’t really know how I feel about this question. I think the answer can go both ways depending on the people. On one hand, I totally respect Kanye’s reasons. He said that he hates blood and he would totally “freak over the whole labor and delivery process, making it harder on Kim.” Even though this may sound like a stereotype of men (guys fainting after seeing their wives in labor), even I would cringe seeing another woman in labor, realizing how much pain the poor soul must be going through! It’s not like he doesn’t love and support his baby’s mama, and, yes, I am pretty sure him freaking out would be quite annoying to Kim. More importantly, I am not sure if I would want the father of my baby to see me that way. A lot of studies have shown that men who see their child’s mother giving birth find the women a lot less sexually attractive afterwards….

However, that being said, shouldn’t giving birth be the ultimate experience of intimacy between a couple? This is the time when THEY are bringing a new life into the world! That is an absolutely momentous occasion for a mom and dad!

Also, I probably would want someone aka my baby’s dad to hold my hand which I would probably pulverize out of excruciating pain (plus, the guys need to feel some of the pain, right?)?

So, in conclusion, I have no idea whether I would want my baby’s dad to be in the delivery room or not. I think I’ll just leave it up to him when the time comes which hopefully isn’t for awhile. What are your opinions?

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    2. Princess says:

      Totally understand that Kanye hates blood however he got K kardashian pregnant in the first place , and a good father / person would be there to hold her hand. To be fair i would be pretty annoyed he was refusing, he needs to man up!

    3. I thought many of the same things, but having the father of my child in the delivery room with me was a blessing. He was supportive, helpful and I don’t think I could have done it without him. He was thrilled to see something like that and cut the cord. And our sex life after….amazing! Maybe I just got lucky, but I think if a man really cares about YOU he will be there and still want to bang your brains out once it’s ok to have sex again. As far as her in pain, that’s what epidurals are for. You don’t feel a thing.

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