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The Best Beyonce Covers [Sundays Are For Procrastinating]

Regardless of Beyonce‘s Inauguration lip-synching scandal, girlfriend is a performer and one of the best in ┬áthe business. I am super excited to watch her perform at the Superbowl Halftime Show. I’ve been watching Beyonce videos non-stop in preparation for the big day, and along the way I’ve stumbled across these YouTube videos of other professional singers/bands who have covered the lady of honor. Here are some of my favorite finds. Enjoy!

Sara Bareilles “Single Ladies”

Florence + The Machine “Halo”

V.V. Brown “Crazy in Love”

Sugarland ft. Beyonce “Irreplaceable”

Liza Minelli-Single Ladies-Sex and the City 2

The Elwins & Luke Lalonde (Born Ruffians)- “Countdown”

Snow Patrol “Crazy in Love”

LP- “Halo” (Beyonce Cover)

Eliza Doolittle- “Party” (Beyonce Cover)

Emmalyn-“Love on Top”

[Lead Image via Global Juice]

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