Buy Your Valentine Fair Trade Roses! Win a $50 Gift Card to Whole Foods [Giveaway]

I’m pretty sure millions of people are going to be getting roses come this Valentine’s Day, just like every year. But maybe it’s time to stop going to your generic super markets or convenience stores for that quick pick up. There is one retailer that let’s you give back to more than just your loved ones when purchasing your flowers on that special day.

Whole Foods Market has turned their profits from floral products into a vehicle for improving floral workers’ lives in Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica. Their contributions have funded efforts to create first homes for families, start scholarship funds for children, aid with community art programs, and help with medical attention. By buying your Valentine’s necessities at Whole Foods Market you can get those warm philanthropic fuzzies too!

Enter to win a $50 Whole Foods Market gift card to buy your special someone (or yourself!) some fair-trade roses this Valentine’s Day. Leave us a comment below telling us your favorite romantic movie moment of all time and we’ll pick a winner February 10th.


To help you decide which roses to get, we’re giving you the color options, along with each of their meanings, to avoid any awkward “What are your intentions?” moments:



    1. Mami2jcn says:

      I have to say that as cheesy as the scene is, the most romantic to me is the scene at the end of "An Officer and a Gentleman" when Richard Gere carries Debra Winger out of that factory.

    2. emily says:

      I love the scene in the holiday when Cameron meets Jude’s daughters!

    3. Rachel says:

      My all-time favorite romantic movie is When Harry Met Sally. Love and relationships can be complicated but this movie finds the humor in what it really takes to be in love with your best friend:)

    4. Sky says:

      Favorite scene is when Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher eat breakfast the morning of the wedding! Sometimes FWB really is the way to go…it can develop into something more.

    5. Kayla says:

      Really all of The Notebook haha but if I had to pick a scene I'd probably pick when they're in the nursing home and she recognizes who he is.

    6. Rosie says:

      I luv Sleepless in Seattle with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks (aka Annie & Sam). I think Tom Hanks was so cute in that movie! the moment where Sam & Jonah come out of the elevator and finally meet up with Annie!! Fun and sweet!!!

    7. Ryan says:

      The final scene in Last of the Mohicans has to be the most romantic and saddest scenes ever. When the Native American is killed and thrown off the cliff to his demise. And the woman he loves, breaks free from the rival tribe and leaps off the cliff to be with her love, rather than stay a captive. Must watch scene…especially with the “Gael” song playing in the background!

    8. MacKenzie says:

      My favorite romantic movie is The Notebook (Cheesy, I know).. My favorite part is the last scene when they both passed away holding hands and it cuts away to the birds flying. I don't know why the saddest part is the most romantic to me! Maybe because all I really want is someone to grow old with me and never give up like Noah did with Allie. Truly romantic.

    9. Kelly D says:

      I like the scene in Titanic when Jack teaches Rose to "fly" in the front of the Titanic.

    10. Ashley H. says:

      Has to be the kiss when they get back together in The Notebook.

    11. Meryl says:

      Casablanca – "Here's looking at you, kid."

    12. Louis says:

      The last scene of "When Harry Met Sally."

    13. Claire says:

      My favorite scene is the last scene of Before Sunset when Celine is dancing around to Nina Simone and says to Jesse that he's going to miss his plane and he says, "I know" and laughs. It's romantic, very real feeling, and cute.

    14. Elena says:

      My favorite is from Bridget Jones's Diary, when Mark Darcy crosses the Atlantic just to tell Bridget that he's come back because he's "forgotten to kiss her goodbye"

    15. Mabel says:

      PS I love you– the scenes where he planned everything after he passed away. So sad.

    16. Bianca says:

      When harry met sally monologue!

    17. Wehaf says:

      The very end of "The Princess Bride", with the most passionate kiss ever.

    18. Carly says:

      Sweet Home Alabama….. "why do you want to marry me? so I can kiss you any time I want"

    19. For me it's "The Notebook". So sweet!!

    20. Wild Orchid says:

      The Notebook was so romantic!

      Thanks for the chance to win!

      wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

    21. Alicia says:

      The moment in The Notebook where they are on the boat together right before the thunderstorm‚̧

    22. @meghanrcs says:

      The end of slumdog millionaire when Jamal finally finds Latika!!!

    23. Susan Audrey says:

      From Ever After ~ When the gypsies tell Danielle she can have anything she can carry, so she picks up Prince Henry very slowly, carefully, and successfully! So cute and funny and sweet. :)

    24. Caroline says:

      Favorite romantic movie of all time would be a tie between Love Story and Splendour in the Grass. Both about young love lost!

    25. Caroline says:

      Moment in splendour in the grass would be when they reunite and realize that Love they felt is now gone. So tragic to think of the petty reasons they were torn apart and the effects of it.

    26. Denise L says:

      I love the Age of Innocence – I'm a big fan of star-crossed love stories:)

    27. ewei319 says:

      Mine is in Stardust, when Yvaine realizes that Tristan does love her and her love for Tristan allowed her to shine, vaporizing Lamia in a blinding flash of pure starlight.
      "What do stars do best?"

    28. Megan says:

      Amelie is my favorite.

    29. Danielle says:

      when Jenny and Forrest meet in the washington monument pool…so romantic

    30. rachelewang says:

      In "You've Got Mail" at the very end … "I wanted it to be you, I wanted it to be you so badly…"

    31. Rosie says:

      Bridget Jones Diary where Mark goes across the ocean b/c he forgot to kiss her goodbye.

    32. Alyssa says:

      Titanic… cheesy, I know!

    33. Alex Nowakowski says:

      In Clueless:

      Josh "[Mel's] the only one who cares about me."
      Cher: "That's not true."
      Josh: "It's…not?"
      Cher: "No."
      Josh: "Are you saying…you care about me?"
      Cher: "Oh Josh–"


    34. The part at swan lake when it starts raining in The Notebook.

    35. Emely says:

      Who can ever forget the magic kissing scene in the rain in The Notebook??:)

    36. Carla Valentine says:

      Flirting With Forty. In the end true love will find its way back to you.

    37. Heike says:

      The scene in love actually with the cards and messages written on them!

    38. mermont84 says:

      my favorite romantic movie moment is the jerry mcguire end

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