Fashion Student Commits Suicide, Leaves Behind Louis Vuitton Bag of Names Banned From Funeral

A NYC fashion student committed suicide yesterday afternoon, jumping off of the George Washington bridge at around 4:40 p.m. Ashley Anne Riggitano, a 22 year-old graduate of the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising, decided to take her own life after what seems like an unhappy experience at school, involving certain girls. Riggitano’s suicide note, which she left in a Louis Vuitton bag, gives insight into what may have driven her to this decision.

On the note were five names, all people that Riggitano did not want at her funeral. The list of five girls is accompanied by the sentence: “All my other ‘friends’ are in it for the gossip,” adding, “Never there.” The lack of support she felt from her “friends” after a supposed bullying incident seem to have caused the young student to turn to suicide.

Another person was also mentioned in the note as someone who is allowed to attend the funeral. A certain man, identified as someone who had mistreated Riggitano, had will be allowed to attend the funeral so that he “gets what he deserves when he gets there,” the note reads. Riggitano had previously tried to commit suicide, with an attempt last year, as reported by the Post. Also found in her bag were Adderall, which is used in treating ADHD, and Klonopin, used for treating epileptic seizures and panic disorder.

The issues of bullying and gossip seem to be major players in this unfortunate situation. Have a thought or opinion? Share it with us in the comments below.

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    1. jazmynand says:

      Wow thats tough

    2. Cecil Mercedes says:

      thats so sad

    3. laura says:

      Honestly though, I find suicide extremely selfish. I understand that a person can be hurting so much that they don't know what else to do. But can they think about their family and loved ones? That will be on them forever. They will always be thinking about what they could do differently; many of them will think it was their fault.
      Don't get me wrong, I find this extremely sad that she was bullied to the point where she ended her life. But her poor family that has to live with this. No parent should have to bury their child.

      1. Ash says:

        Wouldn't that be selfish of her "family and loved ones"? It's apparent they weren't enough or didn't do enough to make her feel as though her Life is worth living. Things to think about it. The mind is very fragile for some.

      2. laura says:

        I understand that. But to assume that her family was part to blame is ridiculous.
        I know a guy who I went to middle school with, committed suicide because his girlfriend broke up with him… His family had nothing to do with it. But to assume that the family is part to blame is pretty bad.

    4. rebeccasage says:

      That's so sad. What a beautiful girl, RIP.

    5. Brandi says:

      I don’t know about her family but yes family can be blamed. Family gives you the emotional support as you grow up. I never got any and was always questioning my worth people told me I was beautiful but I felt ugly. I never got compliments from my family until they realized the damage and it was too late.

      family is who we identify with, and if they don’t show support how can r believe anyone else would. That was my experience. Ashley’s mom made a comment saying she was at peace now. That made me think her mom just could not deal properly with her daughters issues. But I could be wrong. Fsmily is supposed to prepare their children for the world out there. Mine didnt and I had a horrible time adjusting. Maybe Ashley came from the sme type of family I did. Too involved Ruth their own lives and problems to be there for me,

      1. Vicky says:

        I agree.. the family is partly to blame, however, the majority of my friends (in their mid-20s) want nothing to do with their families. Their parents and siblings, etc. reach out to them all the time and they are met with resistance and rudeness. I am shocked at the way my friends treat their own families. When my friends are going through hard times, they have no one to turn to, except friends, who can only do/say so much. This girl's family might have been there for her but if she constantly pushed them away, then they were probably at their wit's end, trying to have a relationship with her. I am so happy I have my family to go to in hard times. I constantly try to tell my friends how much they would benefit from having a relationship with their family, but they don't listen… then, when they are stressed and freaking out, they wonder why they feel so alone. Family can provide a type of comfort and understand that NO ONE else can.

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