Now You Can Review Men on Lulu Like You’d Review Bars on Yelp

Friday’s schedule: 10 a.m. Bio, lunch, another class at 1 p.m., stopping to get coffee, another class, Facebook creeping, shopping, Facebook creeping, going out, Facebook creeping that guy you met out last night, sleep, Facebook creeping him with your roommates the next morning. This, though it’s a made up schedule, will probably match up to certain collegiettes’ typical days. And it’s really not that odd at all.

How many of us spend a significant portion of our day Facebook creeping? The phrase is so engrained into our culture now that we don’t even think about it. Gotten back to his pictures from senior prom? It may make you feel pretty weird, but its not all that uncommon.

Well, good news for you collegiettes who want to take your FB creep skills to the next level.

A new app called Lulu allows you to find things out about a male Facebook friend that have not previously been possible with Facebook creeping. Lulu automatically sets up a profile for every guy you’re Facebook friends with, making them searchable for anyone who uses Lulu. You can then leave comments about what type of guy they “really” are. The reassuring news is that all comments and ratings are completely anonymous and Lulu will never post to your Facebook wall. (Editor’s Note: Pray Lulu never gets hacked.) Sound like a huge invasion of privacy? It very well may be, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of girls from downloading the app and dishing up info on the guys in their lives.

Lulu, available as an app for both iPhones and Androids, allows girls to essentially “hang out and talk about guys” without the whole “hanging out” part. Want to know if your new boyfriend is nice to his mother? Good at making dinner? Check out his profile on Lulu and see what his ex-girlfriends have to say about it…plus a number of other things that you just may not want to know.

So how does it work? You log on to Lulu via Facebook (that’s the only way) and if you’re a girl, you get the green light to access the app. If you’re registered as a dude on Facebook, then no dice — you’re locked out of Lulu. No guys can see what they’ve been rated or commented on about unless a female friend lets them use the app on her phone. When a girl logs into the app and views a certain guy’s page, she is asked to respond to a list of certain questions, and then is given the option of rating the guy from 1 to 10. It doesn’t matter who you are or how you happen to the know the guy; whether you’re his current girlfriend, ex-girfriend, sister or just someone who has a huge crush on him, you can post your thoughts about the dude for other girls to see without anyone knowing who you are.

The question that seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongues when they hear about Lulu is: Is this a complete and utter invasion of a dude’s privacy? Should we be allowed to know what an ex-girlfriend thought of his kissing style? Do we really want to know that? Should we be allowed to rate him from 1 to 10? Isn’t that offensive?

Lulu’s founder, Alexandra Chong, says, “I created Lulu because my girlfriends and I needed it.” The app’s website says you can “find out the things you really want to know: is he ambitious, trustworthy, good in bed?” The real question is, do we really want to know? I mean, deep down, we most likely would like to know if the dude we are starting to like is a jerk or not. But is it too weird to see what someone from his past may say about him?

The app may get even weirder with its new version, called Lulu Dude, which allows guys to see their overall profiles. Though they won’t know who said what about them, they’ll get a general sense of what the girls in their life think of them.

Now that you’ve heard how it works, tell us how you feel about it! Is the app a good idea, or just too weird? Is it a way for girls to share helpful information with one another, or is it offensive to guys, especially with the addition of Lulu Dude? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!



    1. Molly - UNL says:


      1. sam says:

        Thanks for coming out creepy stalker girl. Now you just need an app to fix your craziness like omg!!

    2. danielletee says:

      I LOVE IT!! Definitely a good time waster:)

    3. erinh says:

      In all seriousness, if the same thing existed for women, an app where men could publicly grade us on how good we are in bed, if we still look pretty without our make-up, and oh, maybe, if we are ambitious, we wouldn't even consider approving of this. But when a woman creates an app to grade men on all of the above, it's a great time waster.

    4. Paige says:

      The thing is…guys already do this. They don't have an official app, but there are many many websites where guys post photos of their exes or just girls they've hooked up with and people rate/comment. The comments on these sites are 100000x worse than what you can do on Lulu.

      1. Josh says:

        name me ONE

      2. Sam says:

        LMAO yeah because everyone can collectively rate girls on the thousands of sites of ex-gf porn, like they would on a social app that is CONNECTED to facebook. It's not even about exes. This app is pathetic and shows how pathetic humans you are. If you want to meet me, meet me don't get a rating from some random slut that I've slept with. And get ready for the guy version. #clingy #givesgreathead #bootycall #psycho #butterface #badatsex #virgin #tease will be commonplace. Then, the founder will see how hypocritical this is or society evolves to accept this as a new part of our social lives, and therefore, get ready for superficiality culture from hollywood to be molded onto our future generations.

      3. Dakota says:

        I'm looking forward to using that app~

    5. @privacyusa says:

      Lulu is essentially a virtual response to the old bathroom wall. Everything from how often he pays for dinner to how wild he is in bed. Not to mention a bunch of personal information from Facebook a lot of guys may not want shared. And since they don’t know its been downloaded, this data is going to stay in Lulu’s database until Lulu merges, goes bankrupt, or gets sued. Lulu promotes anonymity. But in their terms and conditions, they require you to get the permission from every person you rate. In other words, they are advertising one thing, then trying to cover their asses with making you legally responsible if the guy you upload decides he doesn't like his personal data distributed around.

    6. Bill says:

      Justly, lulu dude should be the same as lulu just rating the chicks. I’d rather find out sooner rather than later that she was the one that cheated instead of “I’m always cheated on”

      Make this fair. The same function for both parties.

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