Cosmetic Surgery To Get CROOKED Teeth?! [WTF Friday]

Ever stare in a mirror and wish your teeth were a certain way? And by certain way, I mean straighter. I know I certainly did when I had braces back in middle school. My school pictures, not being too flattering already with my frizzy-attempting-to-be-flat-ironed hair, seemed only worse with my crooked teeth, not to mention the large wires running across them. But the truth is, I sometimes thought people could pull off the braces. I was always jealous of the people who seemed like they could work the brace-face, sometimes believing that I could too.

We all know Miley got some dental procedure done back in the day to fix her crooked teeth and make them nice, straight, and pearly white. But personally, I thought Miley rocked the crooked look. I remember sitting in the theater watching “The Hannah Montana Movie,” and kind of wishing I had Miley’s crooked teeth (and of course, her amazing brown wavy hair).

So maybe that’s why girls in Japan are doing thisA new trend in Japan involves cosmetic surgeries with the sole purpose of re-aligning teeth so they aren’t straight anymore. Seem bizarre to you? Your opinion would most likely be a minority in Japan, where tons of girls of all ages are rushing to the dentist to get this procedure, called tsuke-yaeba, which gives them more of a “fanged-tooth” look. Apparently, the crooked look naturally occurs because of “delayed baby teeth,” as Emile Zaslow, an associate professor at Pace University, told the New York Times. It may be this “emphasis on youth and the sexualization of young girls” that has sparked the trend.

There has even been a musical group that has appeared in Japan because of this bizarre trend, with the members possessing the much-desired crooked tooth look. Their album is even called Mind if I Bite? What about you, would you bite onto this tooth-trendy idea?

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    1. I think it's cute but I'd prefer straight teeth. For me, natural is still the best.

    2. rosesformeg says:

      I am not really bothered by how teeth look, but more so the lengths people go to, to be part of a trend.

      The crooked teeth does make the girls in the photos look more childish, and that's kinda creepy to me that someone would want attention from that.

    3. monday says:

      For someone like me, whose parents never had the luxury to pay for an expensive orthodontist appointment when I was younger, it's (kind of) good news. I don't feel as bad having buck teeth because some people do see that as cute!

    4. James says:

      Traditionally, straight white teeth are what builds confidence in people who have suffered from crooked teeth. I guess to each their own. What ever makes them feel better about themselves?

    5. Robert says:

      That depends on the person. There are those who look good even though they have crooked teeth. But then having straighter teeth definitely makes a person look even more attractive.

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