The Playtex Ad That was “Too Dirty” To Publish

I was flipping through my new Cosmo today and came across a clean white page with some writing. “Not Keeping It Clean Always Gets You Rejected” is what it said dead smack in the middle of the page. I look at the bottom and see “Fresh and Sexy by Playtex”. What the heck is Fresh and Sexy?! I also see a little blurb that says “See the ad that was too dirty to run at Fresh and Sexy“. I head over to the website and find out that Fresh and Sexy is actually a product for you to umm…”freshen up” before getting it on. The site reads:

“What are Fresh + Sexy™ wipes? Fresh + Sexy™ wipes are intimate wipes for men and women specifically designed for use before and after sexual activity – so you can feel confidently clean and ready for whatever comes next. With Fresh + Sexy™ wipes , you get clean quickly and easily so you can get back to who or whatever it is you’re doing.”

I personally thought the ads were funny and clever. Here’s the video ad and the other ads that were too dirty to run.

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    1. Linds says:

      Tongue-in-cheek and very clever! Got a few giggles out of it!

    2. rosesformeg says:

      I think this is awesome. So what if its for sex? Censorship sucks these days.

    3. rosesformeg says:

      Reblogged this on Roses for Meg and commented:
      Yes its for sex, get over it.

      THANK GOD that there is a censorship controversy over this because I would not have known this existed.

    4. Maura says:

      This has to be an advertising stunt/gimmick. I wouldn't be surprised if Playtex purchased the adspace and intentionally left it blank with the "not keeping it clean" tagline so that more people would go and look at their ads. A blank page gets your attention more than a picture of a doorknob or wood pecker, and the ads are definitely no sexier than anything cosmo publishes in their pages (not to mention the text on the page is in the same format/style as the ads themselves). And then being able to claim it's censorship just makes more people seek out the actual ads and/or buy the product because… le scandale! censorship! etc.

    5. Rick Jackson says:

      I’m a rural Family Physician and I saw the uncensored ad in Sports Illustrated and loved it! It’s good to show some clever humor to promote a useful product. We should buy lots of Fresh and Sexy to encourage Playtex to maintain a fresh and sexy approach to advertising. Lighten up, America!

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