The 10 Best Ironic “Tramp Stamps” We’ve Ever Seen [Gallery]

Normally, I’d have a problem calling this kind of tattoo a “tramp stamp” because clearly it’s just another way to slut shame women. Yeah, by now the tattoo has become a cliche but what tattoos haven’t? I think we all know that having a lower back tattoo doesn’t make you a slut. In the case of these tattoos I think the people who got them were being tongue-in-cheek and playing around with the idea of cliche and “tacky” tattoos. Check ’em out.

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    1. […] • If you ever needed validation of your life choices, here’s a collection of tramp stamps for you. Say you’re welcome to your mother for us. (College Candy) […]

    2. Millie010113 says:

      Anyone else notice the University of Michigan logo underneath the one girl's tattoo of Spiderman?

    3. V Hamilton says:

      I seen a rose underneath one. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes.

    4. vicki says:

      I am amazed the the "crack kills" tattoo. To each their own, but I wouldn't want that there.

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