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The 12 Best, Most Accurate Movies About Life in Your 20s

Your 20s are a pretty important and crazy decade of your life. No longer a teenager, you’ve entered official “adult” territory. It’s the decade of evolving responsibility. Your brain fully finishes developing, basically making your neural structure, and thus every other structure of you, set for a while. Men reach their sexual peak. Your body begins to burn fat less quickly. Multiple all-nighters become a thing of the past and hangovers more common after an amount of drinking you used to not even need a glass of water to counter.

But as you’re changing, so do the movies about you. Gone are the sweet stories of innocent teenagers whose entire world is high school or even college. John Huges no longer applies to you. No, in your 20s you’re part of a bigger world, the so-called “real” world, and those microcosmic tales no longer seem as relateable. The doe-eyed ugly duckling story is less resonant. The young prodigy destined for greatness is a pipe dream you’ve outgrown. So where do you turn? What movies best reflect your emotional, financial, and bodily changes? Well, here’s a few I’d recommend…

Alright, I’ve given you the proverbial dirty dozen. I could probably have gone up to 20 or so. Honorable mentions that didn’t make the list for lackadaisical reasons do include Singles, The Social Network, and Garden State. Although the latter I refused to write about because I can’t f*cking stand that movie (no offense, Mr. Braff, I appreciate your work in general and you seem like a fine human being). I’m positive I missed a few that deserved to be on there and I’m hoping y’all can correct me. What would make it onto your list?

It’s all downhill from 26,

The Dude

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