Cold Weather Cardio: Why You Should Sweat Outdoors [CC’s ShapeU]

At this point, no one reading this column is a stranger to the quintessential college girl workout: the easy and effective way to get a workout with a low budget, little time, small space, and limited equipment. But what happens when you get bored of working out in your dorm room or apartment? What happens when those plyometric circuits and tabata intervals are getting a little too routine – I mean, of course they’re great workouts, but after the initial hundred burpees or so, the cardio starts to get a little dull. To answer these questions, perhaps a change in scenery is in store (along with a drop in temperature).

Not being able to switch up your routine is a total bummer, especially with the winter months keeping us indoors – like, we can totally be a member of the Cullen clan with this complexion.┬áBut why shouldn’t we venture out into the daylight? A little cold never hurt anyone (I mean, not unless you’re the cast of Frozen). In fact, exercising outside during the chilly months of the year has actually been proven beneficial! So with that in mind, and in favor of dealing with some of the monotony of home, at least as far as working out is concerned, get out into the great outdoors, brave the elements, and make this week devoted to cardio outside.

Yes I’m aware it’s February, and I understand 20 degrees is pretty freaking cold (that’s fahrenheit people), but have you seen Lululemon’s winter gear – so cute! And if that isn’t incentive enough, here’s some vindication as to why you should embrace cold-weather cardio.

Not a fan of running outside? Maybe you’d like to give one of these awesome winter-time activities a go. Snowboarding (burn over 450 calories an hour), downhill skiing (550 calories an hour), snowshoeing (500 calories an hour), and cross-country skiing (600 calories an hour) are four amazing ways to get a cardio workout, burn calories and fat, and ditch the traditional run for a more exciting day of fitness.

Calorie information and other topics sourced from Shape Magazine.

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