All the Single Ladies! Our 12 Favorite Solo Women in Hollywood

With Valentine’s Day approaching like the Plague, I know many of you fab single ladies are going to be questioning your single status come Thursday.

It’s hard to appreciate your independence when all your friends are being showered with gifts and baking exorbitant amounts of fancy cookies and cakes. I’d want in on that action. Where’s my present? I love cookies too!

Keep your heads up ladies! I know this one’s going to be a battle, but to keep your hearts in the single-ladies game, I’m giving you 12 of our favorite single celebs to remind you having it all has nothing to do with a guy!

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    2. Life by Sofie says:

      Hahahaha I looooove that photo!!

      – Sofie

    3. Shanthi says:

      Demi Lovato is definitely a CLASSSYY girl! It's nice to see a positive role model like her for young girls especially since a lot of people struggle with eating disorders nowadays due to our current perceptions of "ideal beauty"!

    4. Umaru says:

      babes out there in hollywood do mind if i woman friend to fall in love with

    5. Umaru says:

      coz i feel proud when i have a woman instead ov having these girls and i would like to get and if there its high time u hook me up

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