Look Trendy At Work for Under $100

Now that I am graduating from college, the SCARY realization has kicked in: I am required to be an adult. I am now required to be professional in my attire. I can no longer just put on sweatpants and a hoodie if I’m sleep deprived and can barely keep my eyes open. I can no longer just put on some flip-flops if I can’t find my shoes (don’t ask). The point is, I now have to look nice for the majority of the day EVERY WEEKDAY. No exceptions.

But, does that mean that all I have to wear every day is a pair of dress pants and a stuffy collared shirt? The people at CollegeFashion think not! Being the awesome people they are, they have compiled an excellent list of outfits under a $100 that make us look professional but at the same time, still like the college students/ 20-somethings we are and not like old grumpy employees! Check it out!

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    1. Sahnnon says:

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    2. I think it is simply part of growing up. The happy go lucky 'look' you can sport at college is not going to work in many workplace environments. That is understandable as your employers want you to look serious about your work and whilst we all love grungy, sloppy hanging out clothes at home it just is not something you can wear at work.
      It is not such a problem and makes what you wear away from work, all the more valued.

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