So There Is A Sexfast Cereal [Candy Dish]

Apparently there’s a gender-based cereal called SexCereal – so cleverly named. According to The Frisky, “The female blend supports hormonal balance and desire while the male blend supports testosterone production. Both versions of the breakfast granola contain 12 ingredients including pumpkin seeds, goji berries, chia seeds, Omega 3-fatty acids, dried camu camu, an Amazonian fruit rich in Vitamin C, and maca powder, derived from a Peruvian herb believed to have stimulating effects on the libido.” Sounds pretty good to me. Would you try it?

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    1. Sahnnon says:

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    2. The Savvy Senorita says:

      I love the 'stylised' gender ideals advertising the product. I wonder if you will get to actually look like that from eating it too?! LOL! I suppose with sex in the title, they thought; 'this will sell'! Profit is everything!

    3. Abby says:

      The cereal itself actually sounds rather delicious!

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