The Secret To The Best Grilled Cheese

One thing that is awesome about the dead of winter is the rich, filling comfort food options we have to choose from. Obviously, an item that’s on everyone’s fav list is the good old grilled cheese. (Sidebar: did anyone think it was girl cheese when they were little? I did. Then I got confused when boys could eat it.)

First of all, it has got carbs and yummy cheese, two of the best food groups! I also¬† just love it for its versatility. You can add so many things to it to fit whatever mood you’re in (bacon, turkey, ham, veggies!) and an endless amounts of hot soups pair well with it too. Well, to make you crave one even more The Kinky has revealed the secret ingredient to the best grilled cheese.

Click here to see what you need to pick up to fulfill the cravings I just gave you, you’re welcome!

[Lead image via farbled/Shutterstock]

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    1. Taryn Martin says:

      Grilled cheese is the best. I prefer mine with a slice of turkey sandwiched between provolone cheese.

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