Get Fashion Inspired by “Parks and Rec” (The Best Show Ever)

Leslie Knope is my celebrity spirit animal. I love her and everything she does, from her Joe Biden obsession to her pet names for her BFF, Ann Perkins. Not to mention her clothes. She dresses professionally enough to fit her motivated personality while also managing to look cute! I also love Ann’s more laid-back style and basically everything that April wears (and says and does). I really need to get myself a Mouse Rat t-shirt.

In honor of the awesome style on Parks and Recreation, College Fashion has come up with an amazing fashion guide, helping you dress like your favorite character, whether it be Leslie, Ann, or April. They even have a fashion guide for Tom Haverford. Personally, I wish I had a Rent-a-Swag near me so I could make my guy-friends dress like they work at Entertainment 720. Check out the awesome guide here!

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    1. fairyprincessjord says:

      I absolutely LOVE Parks&Rec, I just discovered it on netflix about a month ago and of course finished all netflix had to offer in a matter of weeks. It's hilarious. I've never even thought to look to the show for style inspiration because I've been too busy laughing my butt off so I will really have to pay attention in the future!


    2. Buzz80 says:

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