So Who Was Best Dressed At the Oscars? [Gallery]

The Oscars is Hollywood’s biggest beauty pageant where the stars bring out their A-game outfits. This year was no exception! On the red carpet I noticed a lot of nude and pastel hues, metallics and ruffles. My personal faves were Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain and Charlize Theron. Who topped your list this year?



    1. donoch02 says:

      Charlize Theron is just a goddess in general, so she might be my favorite! But I also loved Kerry Washington's hair and makeup and Amanda Seyfried and Reese Witherspoon's dresses!

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    3. I was trying to explain to a friend of mine that I'm built a little like Amanda Seyfried in that dress- I have a waist, but it's wide (though my hips are wider than Amanda's). I was trying to explain that I'd like a waist that goes in more, but they didn't get what I meant- so I showed them Reese Witherspoon's photo, without even realising that her dress has slimming black panels on the sides (to make her waist appear to curve inwards more)!

      Moral of the story: you know your colour blocked dress is working well when people think that's your natural body shape! Well played, Reese- well played…

      (PS- Also loving Kelly's dress! I've been trying FOREVER to find a dress like that- with detailed beading around the waist, but then it gradually disperses the further away you get from the waist (ie, the hips & chest). Can you tell I'm all about the waist, lol? xD Anyways, I haven't had much luck with my search, & I'm looking for a much more wearable version (maybe a knee-length semi-formal dress)- any tips, fellow fashionistas? =D)

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