Win $125 to Wendy’s So You Can Claim Your Taste!

We all know how quickly our money seems to disappear in college, especially when we take into account just how much of it goes towards food. From study break snacks to late-night munchies, it’s hard to save when those fries just smell soooo tempting. The good news is that Wendy’s wants to help make it easier to cash in on some tasty treats, because they’re giving one lucky winner $125 in gift cards to be used on any of their menu items! It’s all part of their new “Claim Your Taste” campaign:

Right now, fans have a chance at their 15 minutes of fame with the all new new Right Price Right Size Menu made up of 18 favorite items, all of which have been nicknamed for consumer enjoyment (with names such as “Aah,” “Cheesy,” and “Bang”). When you pick your “tasty trio” or three favorite nicknames, you have the opportunity to become a virtual spokesperson for the “Claim Your Taste” game where your Facebook profile photo will show up online, in place of the Wendy’s face, and will be visible to all of your Facebook friends on Wendy’s Facebook page,, custom banner ads, and more!

To enter, leave us a comment sharing your favorite kind of Wendy’s Frosty! A winner will be randomly selected when the contest closes on March 4th.



    1. thecollegenovelista says:

      My favorite Frosty is the root beer Frosty Float with vanilla on top.:)

    2. Bianca says:

      I love the original chocolate frosty!

    3. Jessyca says:

      I love the Chocolate Frosty, but it wouldn’t complete without the french fries.

    4. Alexsa W says:

      My favorite is chocolate~

    5. @emily__lynn says:

      I'm Chocolate & Vanilla frosty swirl girl!

    6. Crystal says:

      Just plain chocolate is the most simplistic perfection ever!!!❤

    7. Vanilla with a little cookie dough!!

    8. Jinx says:

      Cookies and cream!

    9. rosesformeg says:

      Just a classic chocolate frosty… Which now I have to go buy.

    10. Tracy says:

      Original chocolate!

    11. Daniella says:


    12. Megan K says:

      Carmel Apple Frosty Parfait is to die for!

    13. lauren says:

      chocolate…with fries for dipping!

    14. Deanna says:

      My favorite is the chocolate! Simple is best!

    15. alw6ys says:

      chocolate!!! (says the chocoholic)
      m8usi at yahoo dot com

    16. I like mixing the chocolate and vanilla together. Nom.

    17. Wen says:

      Nothing beats the classic chocolate

    18. Ty says:

      Chocolate and vanilla mixed together. Yummy!

    19. Mami2jcn says:

      Vanilla frosty is my favorite.

    20. Caitlyn says:

      There is nothing better than Chocolate!!! yum yum tasty

    21. carol w says:

      Chocolate Frosty is my favorite. thanks
      carolwegs at gmail dot com

    22. Heike says:

      Classic chocolate!

    23. Hannah says:

      Vanilla! It tastes so good and creamy:)

    24. Wendi says:

      A chocolate frosty, and of course some french fries to dip in the frosty!

    25. Sami says:

      I like the chocolate frosty with fries, too! Yummy!

    26. Sylvana says:

      Nothing can beat vanilla!

    27. Sydney S says:

      my favorite kind of frosty is the one you get in the middle of summer with your friends but the chocolate frosty is the best.

    28. Alana says:

      Love vanilla!

    29. Erica says:

      Vanilla is my favorite!:)

    30. Courtney Ash says:

      Chocolate FOR SURE!

    31. Daniella Y says:

      Chocolate is my fav

    32. Olivia D. says:

      I'm a vanilla girl at heart.

    33. Erin says:

      Chocolate! It's a classic.

    34. cgoebel says:

      Chocolate for sure!

    35. Allisha Gold says:

      Chocolate frosties are my favorite! Thank you!

    36. livivua c says:

      i am a chocolate frosty fanatic

    37. Amanda K says:

      Plain ol vanilla!

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