Zach Nold Says Leggings Aren’t Pants, We Give Him 7 Reasons We Disagree

Recently Jezebel caught wind of this little gem written by Zach Nold, one of the many wonderful people who attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He talks about how feminism has basically achieved it’s goals, so feminists should just pack up and go home now. Nold seems really upset, I think because someone didn’t make him a sandwich. Jezebel, rightfully so, put him on blast and now he’s somewhat internet famous because everyone hates him so much. Which, to me, seems counter-productive. I’d rather just ignore him all together, until he could no longer be ignored.

See, when you’re internet famous people Google you, and sometimes Google search results bring up things that just make you look dumber. He also wrote this piece, also published in my school’s newspaper (which I promise does not suck, it’s actually pretty solid, it wins awards and things, please don’t let this taint your view of Nebraska journalism, or Nebraska as a whole). It’s about how women shouldn’t wear leggings as pants.

Well you’re wrong, Zach. Leggings are awesome as pants and it’s because of reasons.

Molly is a senior Journalsim/English major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is obsessed with Friends and is fiercely Team Jen. She also will melt over English Bulldogs. She also probably talks too much. Follow her on twitter @gwacamolly.

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    1. I still disagree, leggings are not pants, maybe I can get behind wearing them to work out. But really?!?! Who wants to see thin material stretched so tight over another girl's back side to the point that you can tell she's wearing white granny panties through her black leggings?!?!

      1. Ally says:

        Anyone can wear any type of clothing poorly/incorrectly. If someone is wearing uber thin, see-through black leggings with white granny panties (especially without a longer shirt or something else), then she most certainly isn't wearing the leggings correctly.

        But you can make the same argument for someone wearing a tight shirt that's two sizes too small as well. That's not a criticism of leggings, but of poor fashion sense.

    2. Maddie says:

      I went over to read the article he wrote, and jeez. Everybody has their own opinions on what women should and should not wear, but do you ever see women complaining about guys wearing tight shirts or ripped open shirts? I just think it's kinda ridiculous for him to tell us what to wear when he's the one bothered by it..seems like the problem is on his end. But what really bums me out is all the people commenting on his article saying he is a nasty rapist or comments like that. That kind of stuff just gives women and feminists a bad name. Zach Nold saying that women shouldn't wear leggings as pants doesn't make him a rapist, just like women wearing leggings as pants doesn't make them skanky or attention-seeking.
      Anyway, thanks for writing this article. I think it was a really light-hearted and respectable way to stand up for our right to be fierce, sexy, cozy, or whatever the heck we want to be.

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        I totally agree, thanks Maddie! The parts that really bothered me were that he kept calling himself a gentleman, and I was like "LEAVE LEGGINGS ALONE." I think you said it best we have a right to be whatever the heck we want to be. Thanks for reading and picking up what I was throwing down.

    3. nope says:


    4. nope says:

      also altogether

      1. Molly Mahannah says:

        Fixed! Sorry, internet is quick moving and sometimes we slip up. Thanks for catching that for us!

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