Nick Lachey To Release “A Father’s Lullaby”, The Least Creepy Children’s Album Ever

Nick Lachey has a five-month-old baby boy named Camden, with wife Vanessa Lachey. The two are featured on the cover of his new album of lullabies, “A Father’s Lullaby” for Fisher Price. Look, I get he loves being a dad. It’s totally adorable, blah, blah, what a nice thing to do. I don’t know how nice it is to use your new fatherhood as a marketing ploy to sell albums. What a coincidence that this is dropping right when 98 Degrees have announced a new album and tour. It skeeves me out. I do not want Nick Lachey singing to my children. Imagine the tracklist?

1. I am Still Relevant Right, Baby?  

2. 98 Degrees Is The Best Temperature For Warm Milk 

3. Red Fish, Blue Fish, Chicken Or Tuna Fish?

4. Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) [Acoustic Version]

5. You Are My $unshine, You Are My Goldmine, Everyone Love$ Babie$  [Feat. Pusha T.] 

6. Hush Little Baby, Don’t Make A Twerk

7. I Knew You Were Trouble [Taylor Swift Cover] 

8. It’s 1998, Baby!!!

9.  The Hardest Thing I’ll Ever Have To Do (Is Burp You) 

10. Little Bunny Foo Foo [Harlem Shake Remix]

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    1. […] • Nick Lachey  to release an children’s album, I’m wondering if him and his son have matching bandanas and choreographed dance moves yet? (College Candy) […]

    2. jess says:

      nick has a five year old? you guys need to edit before posting.

    3. Jojo says:

      Reblogged this on The Jojo Show and commented:
      There’s money in that baby/kid music industry, so I don’t blame him, but it doesn’t feel right.

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