Two Guys Say to Female BYU Students, “Put Your Number In My Phone”. Surprisingly, They Do.

Hypothetically speaking, if a mysterious dude just walks up to you and TELLS you to put your number in his phone, you’re supposed to say no, ladies!

Now that we’ve cleared this up. A recent video popped up from VITALYZDTV that shows dudes walking around BYU telling girls to put their numbers into their phones, and 75% of these grown ass, educated women did it…no questions asked!

Watch the video and you’ll see that these guys don’t really have any game and they don’t make conversation before they demand the female students’ digits. They simply walk up to their target, hand over their phone, and tell women to put their number in.

This is obviously more of a critique of how dumb girls can be instead of how jerky guys are. Usually the guys then asked why the women would give their number out to some bro they don’t know. My favorite exchange:

Dude: “So, what made you give me your number?”

Dumb girl: “I don’t know…you asked, might as well right?” (giggles)

Dude: “What if I’m a rapist?” (deadpans)

Dumb girl: “Then I won’t answer your call.”

NO! Just no. Are women just so desperate for male attention that they will hand their number out to a complete stranger? And a borderline rude one at that? Is it an ego thing? You tell me.

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    1. ginny says:

      guys would be just as likely to give out their number… and not every girl would go on a feminist rant as soon as someone came up to them. they were decent looking guys that were the same age as them on their campus. they probably didn't think anything of it

    2. Maggie says:

      Ewww this is so creepy- never would do this. Also if girls did this to guys they would call these girls clingy and desperate- neither way is acceptable or normal

    3. Maggie says:

      Okay new thought- maybe these girls felt cornered and scared, especially those ones where they are completely alone with no one around- I would have put a fake number/name to get out of a confrontation

    4. Reblogged this on feministbarbie and commented:
      What in the hell is wrong with these girls?!

    5. Allie says:

      Okay, This is BYU, I'm assuming most of you don't live in the Provo, Utah area but if you did you would know BYU is a LDS (mormon) university. Most of the guys and girls on this campus are nice, friendly people who all go to a singles ward together and abide by the honor code. Its the local culture, this isn't extremely creepy or rude, these college students are open to meeting new people and perhaps dating some. (also the students at BYU are known to pull some weird/hilarious and totally harmless pranks on each other, this might explain this video.)

    6. Courtney says:

      I thought they were both cute guys and I would've given them both my number no questions asked. Maybe I'm naive but they were upfront and confident and those are two traits I truly respect. Plus like Ginny said, they were my age and good looking.

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