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Have You Been Shotgunning Watered Down Beer?

Former employees of Anheuser-Busch have come forward to inform you that you’ve been drinking watered down beer. They claim that in the final stage of production, water is added to your beer. Adding water lowers the alcohol content, and doesn’t match the alcohol content on the label. A lawsuit is being filed and involves 10 beers, including your favorite Bud Light. The lawyers state that watering down beers can bring the listed alcohol level down by 3-8%!

Obviously Anheuer-Busch thinks this whole watering down business is complete nonsense. They have stated that theses claims made by former employees are “completely false” and that they follow all the labeling laws. The lawsuit claims that this watering down practice began after the American beer company merged with InBev in 2008. The two companies became the world’s largest beer manufacturers after the merge.

What do you guys think? Do you think we’ve been chugging watered down beer? I guess we can’t blame our bad decisions on the 8 beers we’ve had…since now it’s really only 4 or 5.

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