That Time We Drank With the “21 & Over” Guys [Interview + Giveaway]

Earlier this week, we got the awesome opportunity to catch a sneak peek of 21 & Over, the new comedy from the writers of The Hangover. The movie, which opens today,  follows three friends — laid back Miller (Miles Teller), by-the-book Casey (Skylar Astin) and walking Asian stereotype, Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) — as they reunite for a night of 21st birthday hijinks. It’s not dissimilar to The Hangover in that 21 & Over opens on a scene from the morning after, then backtracks to the previous day’s events where you learn that (gasp!) Jeff Chang has an important med school interview at 8AM that HE CANNOT MISS. Insert everything that could go wrong  –> here <–.

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 2.41.40 PM

I can honestly say I went into the theater not expecting much from this one — after all, have you seen The Hangover 2? #Disaster. I am SO happy to report, however, that 21 & Over is a damn funny movie. Granted you’ve got to be into gratuitous nudity, racist jokes and bro-comedy, but I don’t think any of us are above laughing at a penis jokes. At least I’m not.

The coolest part of the experience was that in addition to seeing the movie, we actually got to hang out with Miles Teller, Skylar Astin and Justin Chon afterwards. The guys were game to answer some of our most pressing questions…

CollegeCandy: From prosthetic (we hope) dicks to man-on-man makeouts, there’s a lot of questionable material in the movie. Did you ever read parts of the script and just say, “No, I’m not doing this”?

Miles Teller: The kiss! Man, when I read that I had to kiss Skylar, I was like “nope.” As you saw, it ended up staying in the movie, so I had to do it. But I insisted that there would not be any tongue!

CC: Justin, how was it to be passed out for at least 60% of the movie?

Justin Chon: So on the days that Skylar and Miles were basically just carrying my limp body through scenes, I definitely drank. It’s hard to keep a slight buzz going for 12 hours, so when I was “awake” I was always sober…just to be safe. But on my “asleep” days, I definitely got drunk. I also grew my hair out so my head rolling would have a little more excitement to it. In the last scene, though, I’m wearing a wig and it’s terrible. I look at it and I’m like, “That’s so not my hair.”

CC: You guys got into plenty of trouble on screen, were there any outrageous moments off-screen?

Skylar Astin: Well, I mean there was the time I ran over Miles with a golf cart. It was my birthday, so I was really excited to celebrate on-set. I was expecting a cake, the whole deal. It turns out that people care less about your birthday after you hit one of the stars of a movie and send him to the hospital. Needless to say, there wasn’t cake that day.

MT: Yeah, when Skylar ran me over…that was pretty crazy. I don’t think anything topped that. Last night, though, we went out here in New York and it was basically the same dynamic as in the movie. Justin got kicked out of the bar and Skylar was the responsible one making sure that we left with everything we came with. I think he was hunting for Justin’s bag while he was drunk out on the street.

21 & Over opens in theaters everywhere today, March 1st, and is definitely one to go see after a few drinks with your best friends.

We’re also giving away the ultimate 21 & Over prizepack to one lucky reader. The winner will receive:

21 And Over signed poster
The Hangover on DVD
-A copy of The Imbible: Drinking Games for Times You’ll Never Remember with Friends You’ll Never Forget
-An ice luge mold
-Creative Motion Drink Dart Game
-Boobzie beer cozy

To enter, leave a comment telling us your best 21st birthday memory. Contest closes March 8th. (Must be 21 to win.)




    1. Nina says:

      aw damn. I'm turning 21 this summer😦

    2. rosesformeg says:

      I don't remember my 21st birthday, so I can't tell you much more than that. I assume it was good.

    3. Daniella says:

      I only remember a small part of the beginning. We were drunk bowling, which was fun but also slightly dangerous.

    4. Meghan says:

      My 21st birthday was anticlimactic. All my friends had already left for fall break so I stayed in my apartment and ate a pizza my myself and watched tv shows on my laptop. It was kind of depressing.

    5. The Legned says:

      I went bar hopping along my school's main street after a house party. Needless to say, I woke up with more than my fair share of mysterious bruises that I didn't remember getting. After that night, my friends always referred to me as "The Legend," but I don't remember what I did to deserve it. That's probably why they call me it;)

    6. foodsweatandbeers says:

      How about that time that my mom and three aunts took me to Atlantic City, force-fed me jaeger bombs, and then we all went and danced our asses off to a Michael Jackson impersonator?

      It was a dream come true.

    7. thepricklypinecone says:

      From the small amount I remember from my 21st it was rather uneventful my 18th however was a different story.

    8. Katie says:

      My 21st birthday consisted of me going downtown for the first time ever. I'm addicted to social media, so I had a list on foursquare of every bar I was going to visit (there were like 12 bars on the list) and I was going to check into every bar we went to– I ended up making it to 9/12, with me checking in to every single one and every post going to Facebook so I must've looked like a crazy alcoholic to all of my Facebook friends. I should have stopped at bar #7, where I bought a fishbowl for everyone, but I didn't and I made drunk friends with a couple of party girls who took me to a dance club and then a country bar where I got a free shot and danced and then puked on the bar. It was fun, until the last part. The next day, I had a massive hangover and had signed up to volunteer ringing bells for the salvation army at 7am, so hungover exhausted-me volunteered and vowed never to drink that much again. This was also the weekend before winter finals…needless to say, very little studying was done that weekend.

    9. AJS says:

      How good could have it been if I remember it?!?! The best part(s) were passing out (in public, at a bar, mind you) on my (female) friend's chest, and then after we got back home, undressing in full view of said female friend, and wearing boxer shorts with sunflowers on them, and her making some remark about them, and me replying, "you got a problem with my sunflower shorts?!?!" I have been reminded of these "memories" ever since then.

    10. Marie says:

      Waking up in bed surrounded by all my friends, covered in chocolate because we must have all raided my chocolate stash and all my bedroom furniture on the lawn

    11. Kathleen says:

      The best memory from my 21st birthday, though I was so drunk I don't recall this, was my best friend getting so drunk she threw up in a storm drain across the street from the bar. Hilariously embarrasing. My 21st birthday was the greatest ever because of my friends.

    12. Ann says:

      Painting my apartment the colors of candy land

    13. Jean says:

      I didn't have a crazy 21 moment

    14. Casey says:

      My best 21st birthday memory would have to be when my boyfriend found me in the bathroom puking. And even though there was a toilet, sink, and bathtub to choose from I was vomiting in an empty Busch Light 30-Rack case. 'Cause I'm classy like that.

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