17 Reasons Anne Hathaway is Better Than You (and Jennifer Lawrence)

Anne Hathaway is SO HOT right now. She just won an Oscar for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables. People also just hate her. I mean, I don’t get it. She’s just a normal Oscar Winning Actress. Do you all seriously find her ginormous puppy dog eyes and crazy girl smile annoying? I don’t buy it. I think she seems like someone I’d like to be best friends with, just like Taylor Swift. You know who I hate, that everyone else seems to love? Jennifer Lawrence. I don’t get what the big deal is about her. So what if she’s goofy, quirky and perfect. Who cares that she admits to doing shots on the Red Carpet? I mean, be professional. Hathaway is professional.

Molly is a senior Journalism/English major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She loves Friends and is strictly Team Jen. She has spent most of this weekend watching Dance Moms marathons and she’s not even sorry about it. Follow her midwestern ramblings on twitter @gwacamolly.



    1. Angie says:

      Anne's dress looks like an apron. And at least Jennifer Lawrence doesn't show her nips off every chance she gets, like Anne Hathaway. This dress proves my point.

    2. theromcomdiaries says:

      I am a massive fan of Anne Hathaway. I think she is very genuine, very dedicated and actually really talented. You dont hear a lot about anything other than her work or her projects, and that makes me respect her a lot. There are worse role models that young girls could have, like Nicki Minaj or the Kardashians, so people need to lay off Anne.:) As for Jennifer Lawrence, she is really talented also, but it would be a shame to see her hype kill her before she's 30. She will have to play it carefully to become a Judi, Maggie or a Helen as opposed to a Angelina or Jennifer, you know?

    3. Anisha says:

      Way to subtly favor Anne, if you really want to anger your readers continue on this way

    4. Grant says:

      HOW ABOUT NO. This arguement is so invalid, it's unbelievable. Jennifer Lawrence, who wore a "prom dress" to the Oscars, also happened to win not only Best Dressed, but also Best Actress in a Lead Role. It sounds like the person who wrote this is like jealous of Jennifer Lawrence or something… And who said anyone hated Anne Hathaway….? No one….. I haven't heard anything bad about her (except her wardrobe choice at the Oscars) recently. Also, Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway are friends…. I'm sure if Mrs. Hathaway saw this she would not be pleased… So uh get a life and quit hating on Jennifer Lawrence! Ugh!

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        Google Hating Anne Hathaway and there are literally THOUSANDS of articles and websites dedicated to talking about the amount of hatred Hathaway has received in the past few months. It's literally turned into an internet phenomenon. Also. While you're Googling things, perhaps Google satire.

      2. Heather says:


    5. @raquelleah says:

      Wow, you guys can't take a joke very well. This article is clearly satirical.

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        Sometimes reading is hard for people. Thanks though! You're right. Clearly satirical.

    6. Guest says:

      Do we seriously have to build up one woman while tearing down another? Both women are great actresses and seem like nice, genuine people. I'm sick and tired of women tearing each other down all the time, especially when there is no legitimate reason to (like all the Anne Hathaway vs. JLaw hate). What we should be doing is building each other up.

      Perhaps this is just a fun article, but all this "hate" toward people we don't even know is ridiculous. I personally do not like Kristen Stewart as an actress because she's not that good at acting, but tearing down her looks or whatever else is ridiculous as well.

      1. Lexi says:

        Can I triple "like" this? I don't get the whole bashing thing either. Sarcasm or not–either way, one of these amazing women is being insulted and I don't like it.

    7. Morgan says:

      This article would be a lot better if you didn't take every opportunity possible to rip on Jennifer Lawrence. We get it, you love one and hate the other but it would look a lot more mature on your part to focus on Anne Hathaway.

      1. Melissa says:

        Ahem, your observations would be a whole lot better if you actually read the post. We get it, you don't understand the joke.

    8. Lindsey says:

      All Anne Hathaway did was let us know how much she starved herself for her role in Les Mis. You call yourself a fan of this actress but I feel as if you haven't done your research. It almost felt like when critics blasted Les Mis that Anne took the time to make sure everyone knew how much work and effort SHE put into the role as opposed to her cast mates, she made sure every magazine and news outlet knew she only at oatmeal paste to prepare for her role.

    9. vegan chick says:

      She's VEGAN, that's compassion and ethic = a good person.

    10. Ellen - University of Manchester says:

      Haha I loved this and was just waiting for the comments to pour in. Always love when people can't read sarcasm!

    11. Tax audit says:

      Wow, you guys can't take a joke very well. This article is clearly satirical.

    12. Sarcasm is a foreign language to some people…

    13. Jane says:

      I don't know if this article was satirical or not but you can't compare Anne Hathaway and Taylor Swift. Anne is a fantastic actress and she's getting recognition for that. Is it her fault that she's been nominated for all these awards?

    14. lisa says:

      Jennifer lawrence has an upper hand … Seth MacFarhland, and the general population hasn't seen her boobs

    15. Melissa25 says:

      Chicago Hits

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