Is Ian Somerhalder Officially the New Christian Grey?

After reading the Fifty Shades trilogy last summer, I couldn’t wait to put some faces to the names once they cast the parts of Ana and Christian for the film adaptation. Although both parts are obviously really vital to fans everywhere (my favorite for Ana has been Lucy Hale so far) we all know all us gals are just drooling thinking of the possibilities for the main man.

Rumors started on Twitter after E.L. James responded with a smiley face after a fan posted a pic of Ian Somerhalder with a Fifty Shades quote, making fans believe she was confirming the choice. Although nothing has been officially announced, I feel Ian would not be as incredibly handsome with blonde hair, what do you guys think? I love seeing Ryan Goseling in pretty much everything, but I’m just not sure he could pull this role off? He’s just such a sweetheart. I feel this role is going to be harder to cast than we all might think. My pick? Chris Pine, whatta babe!

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Who would you guys cast as Christian Grey?

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    1. Brittany says:

      Lucky for us, Christian doesn't have blonde hair so Ian will still maintain those good looks with dark, copper highlights. He's my personal pick for the movie:)

    2. Kirsten says:

      Ugh they have been talking casting for over a year. Just pick someone already! (Sidenote: Ian Summerhalder is my top pick)

    3. SandryLin says:

      I was thinking more on Liam Hemsworth to play Christian and for Anastasia I think Alexis Bledel it would be fine (I'm not sure about this one yet). What do you think? Matt Bommer was a perfect choice until I found out that he is gay so….😦 I love Ian Somerhalder but I don't think is the perfect for the role, I think someone like Liam it would be better

    4. Jeannie Tyrrell says:

      Ian Somerhalder should play Christian Gray! It will be a success if they cast Ian as Christian Gray. If the writer wants a hit, cast Ian Somerhalder as Christian Gray.

    5. Sara says:

      The author needs to re-read the book again, CG does not have blonde hair. CG has dark coppery color hair, which I believe is closer to Ian's natural hair color which is presently darkened to black for his current role on TVD. I agree with the majority, Ian would be perfect for CG.

      1. rebeccasage says:

        whoops you're right! sorry, read them quite a while ago! thanks for the correction!:)

    6. Joanna says:

      Would love to see Ian play Christian Grey. He would be the best choice for the role IMO.

    7. Claire says:

      Who cares if Matt Bomber is gay? He's an ACTOR, and his sexual orientation has nothing to do with the parts he plays. He would definitely be my first pick for Christian. He's perfect!

      1. pam says:

        Matt Bomer all the way! He is the vivid description of Mr. Grey!!!

    8. Barbara says:

      OMG i love ian, i wolud love to see him as Chrisntian Grey!! he has the sexy look and his eyes!! his perfect to play Christian yei!

    9. Erin says:

      JUSTIN CHATWIN. He's who I picture when I read 50 Shades. If you've seen the show Shameless(US) you know what I'm talking about I'm sure!

    10. Annette says:

      I’m with Erin. JUSTIN CHATWIN all the way!!

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