My 6 Favorite Things About Being A Girl

So, today is actually International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate how hard the women before us have worked to get us the respect we deserve. Although this list is not going to be nearly as deep and sociological as you might guess considering the origin of this holiday, I’m still going to list some pretty great perks that we have just because we’re women.

Let’s face it the whole giving birth/monthly period thing sucks, we lose weight slower than men, and they tend to get the higher paying positions. We need to revel in the little things ladies!

Keep reading to see My 6 Favorite Things About Being A Girl!

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    1. confessions-of-a-nomad says:

      Love this! Such a fab blog, I look forward to exploring more of it!

    2. melodyraewood says:

      A list with 4 appearance based items and 2 material things that are the BEST things about being a girl. (look at url)
      I also love the whole: not all of us are trying to exploit men bit.

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    4. Rose says:

      I'm with Melody. If these are the absolute BEST things about being a girl, I feel sorry for all of us.

      1. Alex- University of South Carolina says:

        Hey Rose!

        What are some of the things you would have included on the list? We'd love to hear more ideas!

    5. Cait says: the great things about being female is that we can make ourselves pretty for men to give us free things. I think this post is almost insulting to the women that got us to where we are today…

    6. Sonali says:

      I know you prefaced that your article wasn't going to be that deep. But really. On a day that celebrates the political, economic, and social advances of women, the "best" things about being a woman you could come up with is wearing makeup?? This has got to be one of the shallowest compilations. Sorry.

    7. Meekah says:

      This sucked. The only one that I enjoyed was wearing no pants. Otherwise, you don't deserve to be a woman if you can't think of better reasons.

    8. aish says:

      Is this supposed to be a joke????
      makeup, fashion, free drinks and an engagement ring?????
      If these are the best accomplishments we have then feminism has a long way to go!

    9. megan says:

      Please to God let this be subtle satire.

    10. sam says:

      this girl is an idiot.
      none of these things are true, unless she's a closed minded phobe.

      guys CAN

      play with their appearance
      cut their hair whenever the fuck they want
      have tons of options at the office.
      wear speedos and nothing else!
      and the rock? well, unless you're gay, you probably don't want the rock.

      1. Alex- University of South Carolina says:

        Hey Sam!

        We embrace all opinions here at CC, and we definitely want to hear from our great readers! That said, we also love our writers dearly. If you ever disagree with a writer or an opinion expressed on the site, I encourage you to speak out respectfully. Calling Rebecca an idiot is unkind and uncalled for. CC is not a place for bullying.

        Thanks so much!

    11. Sam says:


      “It doesn’t matter the size, women look forward to that moment their whole lives and not necessarily because we really, really, really like expensive shiny things (okay that might be a little part of it). We get that moment to feel special and taken care of, and I feel like men should love doing it for women as well.”

      One, not all women look forward to that moment at all, never mind their who lives. Two, not all women will feel special if and when it does happen. Three, not all women will get engaged/married to men. And finally, even if all of the above were true, I don’t see why a man should love having everything riding on one moment, including whether his partner feels special and taken care of. In fact, I’m pretty sure most people would not ‘love’ a moment like that.

    12. Miss K says:

      This is reprehensible.

    13. Cait says:

      By connecting this with International Women's Day, you have labelled yourself as shallow and ridiculous. Honestly, if this had just been a fluff article, I doubt there would be much criticism. I love getting dolled up just as much as the next girl, but by saying that the only good things about being a woman is that we can make ourselves attractive to men in order for them to get us stuff, I feel alienated and offended. I dress for myself and do what I want- and there are many women who DON'T dream to get a ring, or to get one from a man. While you did say it was YOUR favourite things, perhaps you shouldn't link such shallowness to days that should evoke pride that 51% of the work force in the US is now female.

      1. disgruntled reader says:

        When you say many women don't dream of getting a ring, that would account for 51% in my opinion, then you are far off. I don't understand how this article comes across as shallow, the only person that is shallow is you for acting out so negative. You sound like an idiot and should become more educated before ripping someone who is just doing their job.

    14. Smaak says:

      lol im sorry but this is so dumb

    15. […] good to be female and we should celebrate all the little things we can! To read the full list, click over to CollegeCandy right […]

    16. disgruntled reader says:

      All of you girls should be ashamed of yourselves, this is a website for humorous and funny writing and not meant to be serious. If you ladies are looking for a serious blog website this is not the one. Leave the girl alone, you all sound very ignorant and if you think she really means these are the best 6 things about being a girl, you are IDIOTS. To all of you that think this is a joke, it is so you are spot on, for the rest of you I feel sorry for your internet boyfriends that have to log on and talk to you at night. I don't want to point out any specific comments but Sam, Aish, Meekah, and Sonali, get lost your comments suck and I bet your personalities do as well. Meekah you don't deserve to be a woman if you can't take a joke. Obviously there are better things about being a women but this site is not for that…newb..

    17. Aleka says:

      Aww, you’ve found something positive in women/ being a woman? That’s cute. I am laughing my ass off at this list.

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