Revamp Your Spring Wardrobe With $200 From Kohl’s!

Sunday saw us springing forward and, unfortunately, losing an hour of sleep. But while you may be struggling to keep your eyes open, don’t forget that Daylight Savings Time officially marks a turn to longer days and warmer weather. Before you know it, you’ll be trading Uggs for flip-flops and ordering your coffees iced instead of hot. Personally, my favorite thing about this time of year is knowing that it’s only a matter of weeks before I can bust out my cutest spring clothes.

What happens, though, when you go to open your closet and you realize that last year’s best is only this year’s “meh”? College budgets don’t leave a lot of room for shopping money, but Kohl’s wants to help you out by giving you a $200 gift card to shop their latest fashions!

I had the chance to take a peek at some of their new spring collections, and let me tell you — Lauren Conrad, J.Lo, Vera Wang — I want it all.

To enter to win a $200 gift card from Kohl’s, leave a comment telling us your favorite spring fashion trend! A winner will be selected March 18th!

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    1. becca says:

      my favorite spring fashion trends are the rompers and dresses!

    2. Shanthi says:

      My favorite spring fashion would have to be dresses, sunglasses, and sandals. I also love the bright spring colors!

    3. Ellen says:

      My favorite spring fashion trend is anything mint green!

    4. says:

      My favorite spring trend has to be the happy colors! The pretty corals and sweet mints….they make me smile:)

    5. Hannah says:

      White heels with colored dresses!

    6. Shirley says:

      My favorite spring trends are floral jeans and pastel colors!

    7. Julie says:

      I love the Black & White trend and Stripes (still!)

    8. Melissa M says:

      I am a boring tshirt and jeans type of girl

    9. Danielle says:

      White jeggings with a black pin stripe running down on the outer side of both legs!

    10. pastelhell says:

      I love studs and animal print for springggg

    11. @MerDiann says:

      The combination of sheer and studs. Loved them both separately, love them even more put together.

    12. ewei319 says:

      I'm digging all the mint and emerald colors!

    13. Kali says:

      hi low dresses, mint colored anything, and lace!

    14. meganbabyak says:

      I LOVE emerald and studs, and you can never go wrong with florals and denim!

    15. Nicole says:

      anything floral:)

    16. Calli says:

      pastel mint and pink!

    17. steph says:

      Pastels. Excited to lighten up the wardrobe!

    18. joceline says:

      printed pants, especially florals (i know, florals for spring, come onnn)

    19. Stephanie says:

      I'm loving floral peplum and light colored skinny jeans!

    20. Danielle says:

      Mixed prints!

    21. Breana says:

      I'm in love with everything that comes in emerald this season!

    22. Alia P says:

      I'm excited for 60s mod! And black and white patterns

    23. Maria says:

      My favorite spring trend is bright colors!

    24. I am excited for so many whimsical/ floral print dresses!!!

    25. Shannon says:

      I'm really excited for florals and bright colored shorts

    26. Hannah says:

      I really like floral prints!:) Especially the vintage looking ones. I can't wait to go shopping and buy more floral tops, dresses, shorts, pants, skirts, everything! I also really like pastel colors and whimsical pieces:)

    27. kristin says:

      I'm obsessed with peplum! Shirts, dresses, skirts…I can't get enough!

    28. dfelix08 says:

      I'm in love with the Mint shade for Spring! I've bought a mint top, mint skinny jeans and a mint Maxi dress!

    29. @hburmeister says:

      love the floral prints

    30. friends221 says:

      All of the bright colors, the mint especially!

    31. Marketa says:

      I really love the navy style, maybe a bit retro. No matter what is trendy right now, this will always look great!

    32. Elyse says:

      My favorite spring trend is stripes. They are such a versatile print, everyone can wear them. They can easily spice up any spring outfit!

    33. thecollegenovelista says:

      Cutouts, especially keyhole dresses!

    34. @emily__lynn says:

      Love pastel skinnies!

    35. Bianca says:

      obsessed with anything mint green!

    36. Abby says:

      Velvet… It's not really a trend right now but I like it! Trends have gotta come from someone right?? So yeah, definitely velvet!

    37. tcarolinep says:

      I like pastel colors.

    38. Elisa Munoz says:

      Vintage cute floral prints

    39. Mythili says:

      Light floral prints!

    40. Marissa says:

      My favorite spring fashion trend has to be the pretty pastel colored & lightweight spring scarves I've been seeing everywhere. It's amazing how versatile they are and work to complete ANY outfit. With so many retailers selling these inexpensive pieces (I've found spring scarves from $5-$20 from Target, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Nordstrom BP, Urban Outfitters, and American Eagle), you can't go wrong with stocking up for the season. I think it's safe to say I have a scarf obsession!

    41. Ally says:

      Loving the emerald green this spring! Such a gorgeous color, and I'm glad its getting some serious awareness! I plan to stock up on it myself.

    42. Haylee says:

      Brocade! I am in love with all of the pleated brocade dresses.

    43. Kelsey says:

      Emerald – my favorite color is green, so I'm looking forward to getting some more of this color in my wardrobe! Plus, emerald is so bright and fun.:)

    44. dannidupa says:

      I think my favorite spring fashion trend this year is definitely going to be floral heels!

    45. Heather says:

      Floral prints!! I absolutely love them!!:)

    46. Mami2jcn says:

      I love the floral patterns.

    47. I love floral dresses and high waisted shorts

    48. Deb says:

      I am in love with the continuation of peplum and I love seeing adorable polka-dotted printed denim in all of the magazines. Also, I feel like the use of bold brights cannot be missed.

    49. Nataly says:

      what im in love with right now..its denim vest, shirts, jackets..they look adorable with any kind of clothes!!

    50. Graciela says:

      I am in love with the color spring trend of turquoise! It's such a beautiful color(:

    51. Katie says:

      I'm really in love with bright colors and anything denim right now. Floral prints as well. Wanting to break out of my shell and dress the way that I feel.

    52. Michelle says:

      I’m obsessed with emerald green accessories!

    53. Joanna says:

      Pastels and floralsā¤

    54. Natasha says:

      Im really in love with floral prints and bright colors!

    55. Allyssa says:

      I'm loving the floral prints, bright colors, and high-low dresses.

    56. Lauren T says:

      I love floral (: Not a new trend for spring, but I can't help but love it!

    57. Hannah says:

      My favorite spring fashion trend is the use of green, especially the wide spectrum from emerald to mint (my two favorite shades). I love seeing those colors in pants, blazers, dresses, and accessories.

    58. Jessica says:

      Sporty dresses are my favorite! I love A-line skirts because they are so flattering and it's great to see them in pieces like these! And they will look so cute with wedges:)

    59. Steph says:

      Hi-low dresses are my new obsession!! So fun and flowy for spring!

    60. Claire says:

      Loving the bright colors and tie dye patterns.

    61. Anna says:

      Spring is my favorite season to dress for. The fashion in the spring time is simply refreshing. To me, it signifies a rebirth period in the fashion calendar. It is a time for one to melt away their winter blues and brighten up in a cheery pastel yellow polka- dot dress. There are various fashion trends I look forward during this particular season (the pastel colors, the delicate lace, etc. ). However, my favorite spring trend is the collaboration of fashion and nature. I love how earthy/nature prints can blended into a piece of clothing to create a lovely floral skirt. I also find it inspiring when designers try to incorporate organic material in their designs to create wearable art for consumers. I believe this is a great trend because it will never go out of style.

    62. Cara says:

      My favorite spring fashion trend is floral!

    63. vivalavida says:

      Hi-low dresses! I have one in a soft orange which I can pair with wedges, so perfect for spring:)

    64. Laura says:

      I love the black and white trend! It's a good way to reuse pieces from winter into spring, especially when you pair it with a bright pop of floral or neon color! So fun!

    65. Rachel says:

      My favorite spring fashion trend is definitely high-low skirts and dresses! I love that they're flirty and fun but still appropriate. Plus, they can be styled for a range of occasions from school to work to a girls' night out!

    66. Samantha says:

      My favorite trend is hi-low skirts! I love how they can be dressed up or down, depending on the situation. I can put on a white shirt, a hi-low, and a black blazer, and I have a classy outfit for work. It is also something that is perfect for school because it is trendy but not too revealing!

    67. Me'Lisa says:

      My favorite springtime fashion is probably the use of sheer fabric. I love when it is used for dresses; it's light weight and fun to spin in and flows just the right way.

      But this season I love that it has been showing up in blouses. I love all the collared, button down blouses I have been seeing everywhere. Especially the ones trimmed in black. I love the colors and patterns used (white, mint green, pastel colors, stripes, floral.) Plus it looks good on everyone and is cute, causal and classy!:)

    68. mai gnobe says:

      My favorite is striped shirts or the pink blazer jacket.

    69. Betty Baez says:

      My favorite spring trend are maxi dresses with jean jackets

    70. Evelyn says:

      Im so obssesed with floral dresses. they are my favorite spring trend. I even got a pinterest board called "My Floral Dress Fetish" to prove it.

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