Channing Tatum Hates One Night Stands, Wants True Love, Makes Me Swoon

Recently Chan told UK’s OK! Magazine that he feels one night stands will always leave you feeling cold and empty and that he was never into that kind of thing…not saying he’s fibbing or anything but with the roles he plays..he coulda…fooled…me.

He’s quoted as saying, “I was never that kind of guy. I believed in true romance; one-night stands are always going to leave you feeling cold and empty. I was always looking for the real thing, romance, and all that. I love being married, I never liked the idea of going to bars and chasing girls. Some guys might enjoy that, but I always wanted to find that one special woman, which I did when I met Jenna.”

While I’m sure that everlasting love concept was always in the back of his mind, did he really not throw a few walks of shame into the mix during his stripper days? Maybe these comments are in hindsight after finding a beautiful wife and becoming more of a family man?

I’m not saying it is impossible for a man to have this outlook, it’s actually nice to hear. Some people have taken his comments as personal attacks on people with unrestricted sex lives. I don’t think that’s what Channing meant at all, I actually think it’s a little stupid for people to think that he really cares what they’re doing in bed. In my opinion, his comments were meant to reflect his own experiences and how he found happiness.

What do you guys think? Is Channing being judgmental? How genuine are his comments?



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    3. Jessica says:

      I don't know why anyone would get offended about one night stands especially when he's speaking about his personal preferences. To each his own.

    4. vivalavida says:

      Human beings have so many facets and so many phases throughout their lives, I don't see why you can't be a more casual-sex person at one point of your life and a complete romantic at another. Why do those two always have to be mutually exclusive for any given person over what is a long lifetime?

    5. Melissa says:

      He even says that some guys like that but he personally just wanted to find the right woman lol I don't see why people are offended by his comments either

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