Who The Hell Is This Girl Chris Brown’s Canoodling With?!

Just as we thought our RiRi was in a good relationship with Chris Brown 2.0, he’s caught getting touchy and kissy with another girl! Chris Brown was seen with a beautiful brunette decked out in a tight red dress. Is he two timing Rihanna? Or is it a “it’s not what it looks like” moment?

Celebuzz has your scoop on who Chirs Brown was getting cozy with!



    1. Jane says:

      Oh c'mon! It looks like he's filming a music video.

    2. J.E.E. says:

      They got into a fight after the Grammies because she was texting Drake. This doesn't look like cheating, but it looks like worse.. the abuse cycle continuing. She's not allowed to so much as text another man he doesn't approve of and yet here he is getting friendly with another woman. Interesting.

    3. Ahava says:

      People are so dramatic, he's obviously filming something.

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