Emma Watson “Confirmed” to Play Anastasia Steele…Plus 6 Other Girls Rumored for the Role

We just couldn’t leave all you guys without some Fifty Shades juicy deets for the weekend. The Internet has been abuzz with rumors of who is playing who in the film adaption for like…ever it seems, and guys, we just got a pretty good indication of at least one of the stars of the movie, and this time it seems legit.

A group of hackers that call themselves Anonymous have broken into the files of the German movie studio Constantin; they stole a large amount of information, one tidbit being a document that pretty much spelled out Emma Watson as taking the role of Ana.

I’m a self-proclaimed Harry Potter nerd, so I am totally down for her to take on the role. I know she’s been trying very hard to break out of her Hermione image for the last couple years and I think this will really help her do that; she’s a great actress. She’s a beautiful girl, but it just wasn’t the type of face I was expecting them to pick.

Was she the right pick? Keep reading to see six other ladies that were at one time or another rumored to be at least thinking about going for the role; would they have been better choices?

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    1. chicawithideas says:

      They should have someone who is unknown play that part.

      1. Jessica says:

        I totally agree!

    2. Breanna says:

      I wasn’t imagining her to play the part. Really I was only imaging myself playing the role.

    3. Chatty Kathy says:

      I’m not sure that Emma Watson would be a good Ana because I can’t picture her as anything but Hermoine. But then again, that’s what she is trying to do with this role – break out of her typecast.

      Nina Dobrev looks the part and I can picture Alexis Bledel doing a good job playing a shy, but witty writer because of her role in Gilmore Girls.

      However, Mila Kunis is too slutty. Kristen Stewart is too awkward and slutty. Emma Stone is too funny. And Lucy Hale is too ABCFamily aka young and innocent.

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    4. madilyn says:

      I can't picture emma watson as anastasia steele, she don't look the part. I see her and remember her in harry potter movies. But alexis bladel is perfect for that part, she has beautiful blue eyes. she can be just as I imagined her from the book.

    5. Marilyn Mendez says:

      Emma its so cute and pretty but she doesn't fix in the role of Anastasia, either have the characteristic of Anastasia. I don't think that she gonna do that paper. There are other actress that fix more in that role, like: Emma Stone or Kristen Stewart, both are doing perfectly that paper……

    6. Kitchie says:


      according to her twitter, that's a big no.

      1. rebeccasage says:

        thanks for the update kitchie! she posted after the post launched….just gotta stay up on what the press is saying! are you happy she's not doing it?

    7. mackenzienewcomb says:

      Alexis Bledel is absolutely perfect for the part. I think Gilmore Girls has been off-air long enough (2007 or 2008 I believe) that people wouldn't necessarily associate her too much with being "Rory Gilmore".

      1. rebeccasage says:

        she is my absolute favorite one too!

    8. […] Is she Emma Watson or Hermoine Granger? I feel like HP fans will appreciate the fact that Watson was allegedly chosen to play Ana in 50 Shades. Personally I think they would have been better off casting a lesser name celeb like Alexis Bledel who was heavily considered for the role. I am also a devoted Gilmore Girls fan and therefore completely biased….. jk rumor cleared up #teamalexis […]

    9. Bobbi says:

      Although Emma is beautiful, I don’t think she is right for Ana. Even though I never got into the whole Harry Potter thing, that is who I’m going to see when watching movie. They should’ve found some one not so famous for this role. Might just ruin the darn movie…might but orobably not…

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