5 Cancelled TV Shows That Someone Should Put on Kickstarter

So we’ve all heard about the Kickstarter project that is raising money in hopes to produce a Veronica Mars film. The goal was $2 million dollars and now they have over $3.3 million dollars in donations! So we’re pretty sure that a Veronica Mars movie will be released in the future. Seeing this cancelled TV series turn into a movie got us thinking about what other cancelled/wrapped-up shows should also be made into a film.

Here are 5 TV shows we think deserve a shot on the big screen.

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    1. Chelle says:

      Ah The O.C. That used to be my show when I was younger. I was so sad that it got cancelled. Wasn't on long enough.

    2. millie010113 says:

      The Amanda Show…I wanna know who Moody is! It's been years and they never revealed it because the show was cancelledđŸ˜¦

    3. monscharee says:


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