ReadyU Will Spring Clean Your Dorm Room For Free! [Giveaway]

You know what’s fun? Taking your pants off and throwing them on the floor, eating chocolate and throwing the wrappers on the floor and of course, leaving empty soda cans on the floor. I am sure your roommate loves you. You totally have your life together. It’s impossible to keep your dorm room clean between studying, hanging out and, um, more studying which is exactly why you need to enter to win ReadyU‘s spring cleaning giveaway. The end of the semester is approaching, so why not make moving out easier?

ReadyU, your BFF when it comes to all your collegiate needs, will have a local cleaning service clean ONE bedroom and ONE bathroom in your living space. Plus, they’ll even throw in some P&G products you need to make it through the rest of the semester. Can I get a “What! What!”

To enter, tell us which part of cleaning you absolutely detest. Personally, I cannot stand doing the dishes. My manicure is always, like, “Really, though? You just got me done.”

ReadyU wants to provide one lucky winner with a cleaning service + a ReadyU product package, so in the meantime I would throw a ton of parties and let that old pizza get extra rancid… if you’re feeling lucky.


*NOTE: Cleaning service will be dictated by the winner’s regional location and cost of service in relation to value of prize pack.



    1. Rachel says:

      The worst part about cleaning my townhouse is that my roommates and I always argue about who has to clean out the fridge next! It's a war zone in there.

    2. heikegutwein says:

      I hate cleaning the floors – they get so nasty without you realizing it!

    3. Anna says:

      I think cleaning the bathroom is the most disgusting part……for obvious reasons…

    4. Aly says:

      I can't stand laundry. I don't have a washer or dryer in my apartment so I either have to go pay or drive my laundry all the way home. It's a relatively easy task but I just can't stand it. Also, dishes suck. I wait until the last possible minute to do both.

    5. Breana says:

      I hate the endless number of red hair balls that I find in my room. The worst part is that they aren't even from my hair! I always have to check my shoes before I walk out to make sure I don't have a dusty mess of hair hanging to them.

    6. My least favorite part about cleaning is cleaning the bathroom! The shower is such a large area to cover, and don't
      get me started on the toilet!

    7. Mary Kate says:

      The worst part about cleaning my dorm room is that I just don't have the time to do a good job. I honestly need to prioritize cleaning more, but I am a music major and I am always practicing. Time I would spend cleaning is time that could be spent perfecting my music!

    8. Emilie says:

      I am an RA in an all girls' dorm. I do room checks every week for the girls in my hall and make sure they are clean, but I hardly have time to clean my own room. I do my best to be a good role model for them and keep it as clean as possible, but it feels hypocritical when I can't meet my own standards. I have classes from 7:30 to 6 every day and have lobby duty once a week, and more than that if I'm on duty on the weekend! Cleaning is can't always the top priority!

    9. Lexx Mosely says:

      The worst part of cleaning is organizing clothes. I have too many clothes and I hate to put them away and fold them.

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