An Ode To Jon Hamm’s Bulge Because We May Not Be Seeing It Again [Gallery]

Jon Hamm never, ever wears underwear. It’s a beautiful thing. His bulge has travelled all over Hollywood and probably the world. His ham – if you will – has caused so much of a stir that Mad Men producers have reportedly demanded that he wear underwear! According to Jezebel, “During the sixth season filming, Mad Men producers had to ‘politely’ tell Hamm to put underwear on:’This season takes place in the 1960s, where the pants are very tight and leave little to the imagination,’ a source tells us, ‘[and] Jon’s impressive anatomy is so distracting.'” No more free balling for Don Draper. Today we must pay homage to his beautiful camel hump.



    1. Shanthi says:

      Wow, this is hilarious. I guess he's just a VERY confident man…lol

    2. newyorkcityeye says:

      OMG…is this pic for real??

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