March Madness: Vote For Your Favorite TV Couple! FINAL ROUND!!!!!!

We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? We started with 64 couples and now we are down to 2 in our FINAL ROUND. Who would have thought Dean and Castiel from Supernatural, who are technically not a “real couple” would be going head to head with Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother? Fandoms are unbreakable. I think you all know where my alliances are (Dean + Cas 4LYFE). Today history will be made as you all vote for the greatest TV Couple IN HISTORY. Who will be the reigning King and Queen – or King and King – of TV? The winner will be announced on Monday! So vote your butts off this weekend.


Final Bracket

The Final Round

Final Four

What a shocker that these would be the final pairs? There were some legendary couples that we thought were too iconic to lose. Cory and Topanga? Gone. Rachel and Ross? Gone. Ice and Coco? Gone. Buffy and Angel? Gone. I think we’ve all proven that the old is out and the new is in. It’s time for a couple of fresh faces to rule the TV couple universe. Will we have our first same-sex television royalty? Or have sitcoms replaced teen shows and dramas in our hearts? Only you can decide.

Castiel and Dean (Supernatural)Lily and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)

Dean and Castiel (Supernatural) vs. Lily and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)



    1. Hilary G. says:

      Um.. Lily and Marshall don't stand a chance. The Destiel fanbase is organized and cut throat. Sorry HIMYM!

    2. lilypadmarshmallow says:

      I'm very sad that Lily and Marshall won't win. Their love has lasted, what, 12 years? And Destiel aren't even a canon couple. No hate against Destiel, I ship it too, it just makes me sad.

    3. lilypadmarshmallow says:

      wait, King and Queen? … I'm imagining Dean and Castiel fighting for the title of King now. (Cas wins. Dean lets him, though. Or so he claims.)

      1. S.Stern says:

        heh if it came to just physical strength cas wins, hands down. Emotionally, though i think dean has the upper hand ;3

      2. Pearl says:

        If they win, I vote we rename it 'King and Consort'. Mostly because I'm tired of society's tendency to force one of the men in a same-sex relationship into the 'female' role. It essentially takes a heteronormative approach to the whole relationship by saying, "I know you're both guys, but one of you has to be the girl," which is practically the same as saying, "There has to be one man and one woman in a relationship, even if you're both actually men." In other words: it's dumb.
        (Note: I'm not implying you take on this viewpoint, I'm just ranting because the opportunity presented itself, and I love to hear my own voice or something. Also, this is a pet peeve of mine. That's all.)

        But srsly. King and Consort. Just sayin'.

    4. lindsay says:


      1. tumblr says:

        do you even watch the show?

      2. Anna Jordan says:

        ..and your point..? Dean and Cas are actually more loving to each other (in a way that is fitting to the show) than most actual "couples" are.. I mean, Cas pretty much degrades himself for Dean's sake. ALL for Dean, actually. And Dean never stops believing in Cas despite the bumpiness of their "relationship". So.. yeah, in a way.. they could be. I mean, if Cas were a female (he IS genderless.. so they COULD have cast a female to play his role), people would be "Oh, they're totally going to hook up."

        So. What is your point?

      3. llama says:

        Liz Lemon/food isn't strictly speaking a couple, but it's in the bracket nonetheless. (So is Troy and Abed, btw.)

        If a television writer and the things she puts in her mouth is considered a proper relationship by the stringent requirements of this poll, I don't see why anybody would be upset by Dean and Castiel. At least those boys are both sentient and human-looking.

      4. they will be, hon… they will be😉

      5. Kivina says:

        YET. They love each other (no one can deny it though they try, it just gets harder with every ep), they just need to get around the piles of issues and then finally be together.

      6. kaystiel says:

        Dean and Cas are a couple, (not romantic, not sexual),but regard their relationship – where they have died and gone to Hell, Heaven and Purgatory for each other. That's about as profound a love as you can get. And in fandom polls it's often not what the show intends to create, but what comes out of a combination of creators, writers and the chemistry and true affection between actors, it's lightning in a bottle, you can't manufacture it. Same way Kirk and Spock are a couple, and John and Sherlock.

      7. Shari says:

        hey, hey you forgot the 'are not a couple **YET'

    5. Anna Jordan says:

      NO HOMO.

      ..Just kidding! DESTIEL, FOR THE WIN.

      Seriously, CW. Just break the barrier and make Supernatural have a gay couple (Well.. make it OFFICIAL. Like, Cas finally admits his love all stumbling, virgin!nerd-like and Dean just gives a wide, happy smile (MEN DON'T TALK ABOUT FEELINGS LIKE: "ILU2 ANGEL".) THAT'S ALL YOU GOTTA DO. You're NOT going to lose any fans (if anything, you'll gain plenty more.. you pretty much have all the slash fans in the world, and a small part of the gay community right now.)

      1. Anna Jordan says:

        Also, I vote Cas as Queen.. but that's a personal preference and because Dean is such a MANLY MAN, MMMFF. HE'LL SHOW CAS A GOOD TIME AND OMG I'M SHUTTING UP NOW.

      2. Pearl says:

        ….Really? Why can't Cas just be Cas?
        Also, even with women, Dean has always been a bit 'submissive' in bed. Unlike what we've seen with Sam (slamming up against walls and shit), Dean has always been tender and affectionate when we see him explicitly. And that's just with his one-nighters.
        On top of that, 'manly man' Dean has always been the one to break the 'no chick flick moment' rule. He's always been the one to shed that One Perfect Tear. He's always been the touchie-feely brother, despite his pretenses. This is not a recent development, either. He's been this way since season one. He says, "I'm a tough guy," but he's really just a regular guy with feelings that he sometimes expresses and a very large heart. He's not a girly-boy or a baby, not even really a softie. But he's hardly the super-macho persona he projected to the world because that was Daddy's ideal identity for him.

        Also, in this recent episode, it's heavily implied that Meg and Castiel maybe did more than share one awkward kiss. On top of that, Cas had a wife. You may remember her? Daphne? Guess what most husbands and wives do? Hardly a simpering virgin. On top of that, he's been observing humanity for a minimum of 2,000 years. Including their bedroom activities. So while he may have been intimidated by a 'den of iniquity', that might have been more for the whores than about the sex. And that was all before Meg/Daphne anyway.

        Do you watch the show?? Like, I'm glad you ship the ship, but have we been viewing the same episodes??

    6. Viki says:

      oh i love you guys! destiel is so gonna win it!:)

    7. MLR says:

      "It’s time for a couple of fresh faces to rule the TV couple universe. Will we have our first same-sex television royalty? "

      Just aside from the fact that I'm in love with Destiel and it will always be my OTP, I love this. Times are changing. And I hope that things continue to change in this manner. Hooray for even the possibility of having the first same-sex television royalty! I like Lily and Marshall and HIMYM and extend best wishes to their fans, but I REALLY hope to see Destiel take it all the way!

    8. Vivi says:

      Oh Destiel. The simple fact that you're basically on every couples poll in TV Land should be enough of a hint for the writers to take that final step.
      Sorry Lily and Marshall. You're love is epic, but not as epic as a hunter and his angel.

    9. turtle says:

      Marshall and Lily are great, they really are. They're basically made for each other, have only ever loved each other, and they couldn't imagine being with anyone else.

      Castiel and Dean were never meant to be together. Nobody in this world could have predicted that the little boy from Kansas who grew up salting doors and stabbing things would end up saddled with a heavenly creature beyond human comprehension who is barely contained in the borrowed fleshed of a devout salesman. Dean grew up fearing supernatural things like Cas. Hell, Castiel isn't even supposed to feel emotions.

      Too many times, they are on the wrong sides of the fight, mistrusting and hurting each other. Everything keeps ripping them apart, from death, to God, to the show's writers, but most of all themselves. Their story has spanned heaven and hell, purgatory and earth, and by now they are both broken and tired, having lost more than anyone deserves to lose. Yet they are still fighting. And somehow they keep clawing their way back to each other, because despite destiny, despite the very definition of what they are, they'll choose each other. They are a celebration of free will. They are two small, beautiful things who refuse to let go despite the entire world telling them that they are wrong. They are a miracle.

      …Ahem. Kind of rambled on a bit there. I mean, this is just a poll.
      So, you know, I think Dean and Castiel's story might be a little bit more epic in scale, but that's just because of the different genre of the shows. (And remember that Dean/Cas aren't just a same-sex couple, they are an inter-species one as well. There's a first for everything?)

      1. Andrew says:

        that was beautiful, true and awesome …

    10. Just aside from the fact that I'm in love with Destiel and it will always be my OTP, I love this. Times are changing. And I hope that things continue to change in this manner. Hooray for even the possibility of having the first same-sex television royalty! I like Lily and Marshall and HIMYM and extend best wishes to their fans, but I REALLY hope to see Destiel take it all the way!

    11. Carrie says:

      I love Dean but he is not gay. Cas is/was in love with Meg (please watch the latest episode). Furthermore Dean is MY Man. Having said this: GO DESTIEL!

      1. Vivi says:

        Acknowledging sexual attraction that was rushed and has been present for five episodes tops doesn't really compare to the four seasons of emotional build up we've gotten from Dean and Cas. I believe that yeah, Meg and Cas could've had some fun, and given the latest episode it's possible Meg was in love with him, but I highly doubt Cas was in love with her. He liked her, he thought she was attractive despite being a demon, but there was no confirmation of love on his part.
        And no one's calling Dean gay. There are other aspects sexuality, it's not that cut and dry.

      2. Sarah says:

        How can you even think he was in love with her? Misha said Cas had a small crush on her; that's it. It wasn't love at all. They knew each other for maybe five episodes and you call it love. Dean and Cas have known each other for years, but because they are two guys it's not love, just a bromance. I'm glad you are supportive of them on this poll, but I just wish people could look past this hetero normative lense and see how in love they are.
        Because in that same episode Dean told Cas he needed him… Again.
        Not to mention Misha and another reliable source also confirmed that Dean was going to say I love you to Cas (in a romantic way) in this episode but it was cut.

      3. Pearl says:

        I think you are confusing the terms 'infatuated' and 'love'. You can love someone and never have act physically on that (although plenty of fans believe that conveniently missing expanse of time in 5×03 was Dean fulfilling his promise to Cas that he wouldn't die a virgin–my personal jury is still out on that one, but it's something you can't say isn't possible). Likewise, you can be infatuated with someone and experience physical attraction to them without loving them.
        Contrary to the childish notion of true love and devotion to one 'special unicorn', most people can love someone and still have a crush on another. Others 'fall in love too often' (to quote Jason Mraz). Others never fall in love and have a string of one night stands while they look for that special spark. (Oh, hi there, Dean.) And others still just don't give two cents about relationships at all.

        In short: not everything is black and white. On top of that, Castiel NEVER said he loved Meg. It was implied he had a soft spot for her (and how could he not? She was there to care for him when he was batshit crazy and dealing with Sam's Lucifer hallucinations and Hell scars), and vice versa, but that doesn't mean he was IN love with her.

        Also, come on. At this point, you'd be lucky if Dean'd bang you if he met you, let alone be your man. And I don't mean that in an entirely offensive way. He hasn't gone and bumped uglies with anyone since one of them turned out to be an Amazon and he had to watch his daughter die… after she tried to kill him. And even before that, he was kind of losing his desire to engage in that manner. Even with Lisa, he never said he loved her. (He did say she was like family, though. Sound familiar?) And aside from Cassie, that's his only notable relationship. So, sorry to burst your delusional bubble, but Dean ain't your man and wouldn't be, even if he wasn't fictional.

      4. Lissa says:

        Sorry, but the last episode did more to confirm that Cas loves Dean (opening sequence???) (crypt scene???) Cas was only flirting with Meg and, at best confirmed a possible sexual attraction. Love and lust are vastly different.

      5. Des says:

        Castiel wasn't in love with Meg. He was just sexually attracted to her. Sexual attraction does not equal love or affection. Besides, how are we supposed to know for sure? Naomi was controlling Castiel's actions and even words by this time in the episode.

      6. Shari says:

        Cas isn't in love with Meg, please pay attention, yes he had a crush on her, but ever heard of platonic crushes?
        also saying things like "Dean is MY man" isn't going to get you far, it'll only gush up a few laughters

      7. kaystiel says:

        Cas was never in love with Meg, he was addlepated when insane with Sam's hell memories, but that's it. 8 x17 he's manipulated by Naomi, and after he breaks the hold Naomi had over him (because he won't hurt Dean) he flies off and leaves Meg to be killed by Crowely. If you think only in terms of actions vs words, there's no question Cas has died and bled for the Winchesters, but never Meg.

      8. Becca says:

        In the latest episode, do remember that Cas was still under Naomi's control, and she told him how to respond to pretty much anything. So when Cas was with Meg, he wasn't saying what Naomi wouldn't have wanted him to (something that might cause Cas to give something away about the tablet). There's no telling if Cas was replying genuinely or not, but I'd say Naomi would tell him just what to do considering they were dealing with a demon.

      9. Imagine if Meg was in Dean's position in 8×17, and she said "I need you". Would that have stopped Cas from killing her? I honestly don't think so. In fact, I think he would've finished her long before she had the time to stop and tell him anything.

    12. fatere says:

      Cass and Dean may not be couples on the show … YET but this is the way we show our love for them to be couples. and a way to show the spn's writers how much we want this to happen. so we vote and we win every single competition.

    13. Destiny says:

      Sorry HIMYM but Supernatural takes this serious as hell and we are hell bent on winning after losing to Sterek from Teen Wolf in the E!online poll by like 1% (because the poll closed while we were all crying over a new episode otherwise we would’ve won) We are currently creaming the competition. Destiel is my OTP for life

    14. Cherise says:

      We love you Destiel and we're praying for this to become a reality. The writers can't be blind. Reigning champions, always and forever. I've scarcely seen two people so drawn together (perhaps Buffy and Angel?) as Dean and Castiel are to each other. They will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for each other, including dying. Please, Supernatural, please, make this happen!

    15. Desizinnia says:

      Dean and Castiel. There is no question. Never had I seen a more epic love story in any tv show or book or anything. When Supernatural started, I would have never suspected Dean would end up with the angel who rescued him from Hell. He and Cas have helped each other grow so much, and they have gone through so much, from Hell and Heaven's wars, to betrayals, Purgatory, deep depressions (season 7), and even mind control now. They always come back to each other, no matter what. I have faith that TPTB will see how natural, real and just so beautiful and inspiring their relationship is, and what it means to us fans. The only reason someone would dismiss Destiel is because of it being m/m. And it shouldn't be this way. Dean and Cas can help change this view. These characters have suffered so much, they deserve to be each other's light in the darkness they have to live in; they are each other's light at the end of the tunnel. I believe in Dean and Castiel.

      1. They've certainly changed MY views on homosexuality😀

      2. urgh it starred out "h o m o"

    16. Neeve says:

      Aw man that's tough, I'd have to go with Destiel just because M&L are already canon and I get to see them be happy whenever I want😀 But these are my two favourite couples ever!

    17. Kivina says:

      I'm so sorry Lily, Marshall but Dean and Cas are the couple for me.
      "It’s time for a couple of fresh faces to rule the TV couple universe. Will we have our first same-sex television royalty?" We can hope:)
      Maybe someday, the producers will be bold enough to make Dean/Cas finally a proper couple. They should ask Joss Whedon for a few pointers because he didn't give a damn about heternormativity (Oh, Willow and Tara, you were so perfect)

    18. Liz says:

      I just love how Buffy and Angel were kicking butt…until they came up against Dean and Castiel. Their story is too epic to be ignored. Even if you don't want them together romantically…they just belong with each other, somehow, in some way. They've fought time and again to save each other, to save the world, to bring each other home and clean up each others' messes, even when they were in danger themselves, or when they'd lost everything, or even when they didn't know why they were doing it, and I just don't think that's anything less than some form of love, because you don't do that for someone unless you do love them, with all your heart. I'd love to see these two win this poll, because they constantly amaze me with the lengths to which they will go for one another. If this isn't love, I'm not sure what is.

    19. Twinkel13 says:

      Not even watching How I Met Your Mother (sit-coms just aint mah thing, sorry) so Destiel it is!<3
      Sure, I do have better reasons for voting for them, but I'm pretty sure all the other Destiel fans have already said it all for me:)

    20. Bilbo B. says:


    21. Mer says:

      I don't particularly like voting against Marshall and Lily.
      But I /won't/ vote against Dean and Cas.
      Sorry HIMYM, I love you too though.

    22. I know that there is probably no one else who is thinking this, but who the F is designing the graphics for these polls? I really hope they aren't getting paid, ya know, since you could get a 15 year old with photoshop on tumblr to make something 10000x better.

    23. Destiel Forver says:

      No couple can can beat Destiel. It is impossible. All will fall before them!

    24. Heimo says:

      Destiel 4ever :3

    25. what the hell? says:

      Umm is there a reason they included a purely fan created couple that isn't even on the show?

      1. Blue says:

        Not every couple on this poll is strictly canon on the show they are from, and Dean and Castiel is pretty damn close to canon by now. A lot of people see their relationship as a romance in the show itself, and the way things are going this season, they may even get together some day. So really, why shouldn't it be on this poll?

      2. Yeah, it's because they're awesome.

      3. destiel says:

        Because if they weren't both men, they'd be considered by everyone to be one of those couples that hasn't got together yet, but still has so much tension that it's inevitable.

      4. Didi says:

        YET. It'll be canon in 3 weeks from now:)

      5. Des says:

        Are we watching the same show?? Because I am CERTAIN Dean Winchester and Castiel are characters from Supernatural, and so is their relationship part of that show. They are not created by fans as far. as I'm concerned they were created by Erik Kripke. Dean and Castiel have a relationship that is very close to becoming canon in the series at this time in season 8, only missing the final push, especially after the latest episode, in which once again Dean tells Cas he needs him.. Why do ppl say it's fan created??? I don't get it. (Actually I do get it. I'm 65489% sure that if they were man and woman, no one would doubt or say the couple doesn't exist. I'm counting on Supernatural to break this unfair view of society on same gender couples in tv.)

      6. Shari says:

        "fan created couple that isn't even on the show" do you… um… do you even watch supernatural?
        really though, you don't even have to pay close attention to it anymore, you can see that it's going to be canon

    26. Sara says:

      destiel will always win!❤

    27. Eileen says:

      Dean and Castiel of course

    28. Eileen says:

      Dean is NOT your man internet user Carrie and oh my God, Castiel is not in love with meg! Having a little crush on the person who gave you your first kiss is not being in love. If he loved her, he would have looked for her, he would have saved her but he didn’t even ask where she was when he came back. Five episodes and 20 minutes of screentime pale in comparison to dean’s and castiel’s relationship. No homo, right?

      1. I don't even think he noticed she died.O_o

    29. Katie says:

      Dean and Castiel's love is Legendary.

    30. Dean and Castiel are really in love and I can't wait to see them happy together cause they deserve it. It will be long work but I love how their relationship is built and now I think they are ready to act on it, are we near a kiss ? I believe so and I'm sure the writers will make it in the good way, they won't be happily ever after already, it will be slow and there will be problems and stuff but sure that will be amazing, they are on the way for.

    31. Ya best amend that to KING AND KING. Bless.

    32. megstielcankissmyass says:

      Dean Winchester is canonically bisexual (dr. Sexy, watching soldier's ass, etc. just google it, and if you still struggle with doubts, please have in mind that Cas is a celestiel wavelenght), Castiel is of course canonically in love with Dean (PLEASE WATCH THE SHOW CAREFULLY AND TELL ME THAT IT ISN'T THERE) and in season 7 we learn that Dean is also canonically in love with Cas. Plus Dean's love broke connection between Cas and Naomi. Plus there was an "i love you" instead of "i need you" in that episode, but they cut it. And Misha confirmed it. Plus even Naomi ships it and she knows that if she wants to have Castiel back, then she has to get rid off Dean, that's why she told Dean that Cas didn't care about him.

    33. Sam says:

      Destiel 4 LIFE.❤

    34. Destiel is the best! Sorry, but no other couple (on tv or in books) have that much chemistry together!!

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