March Madness: And The Greatest TV Couple Of All Time Is . . . !!!

Your reigning King and Queen are actually a King and King. Yes. Yes. Yes. After receiving literally thousands of votes, Dean and Castiel are the winners of our March Madness bracket! CollegeCandy is proud to announce that a non-cannon, non-heterosexual, interspecies (Hey, Castiel is an angel after all!) couple have won our Best TV Couple Of All Time bracket. The fandom claws came out as you all debated whether Cas and Dean’s love was real and true (the comments section got so epic!). As a Supernatural fan not only am I stoked about this but I am very surprised. Who knew that so many watched the show reading into the exact same undertones – *cough* sexual tension *cough* – between the cast members? I think our bracket speaks volumes about the way we watch and connect with television.

We cannot thank our reader enough for making this a huge success and can’t wait to do this again! It was so much fun pairing the couples, reading your comments and seeing where our readers’ alliances were.

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dean and castiel winners

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Final Bracket Winner



    1. YES! This is actually great:') Now all we gotta do is wait for Dean/Cas to become explicitly canon. It's just a matter of time!

    2. Alex says:

      Yay for Destiel! For profound bonds! For free will!😀

    3. destiel says:

      Well, that was a suspenseful poll. Neck and neck, practically. Destiel barely won with an 80% lead.

    4. Kivina says:

      *flail* Yes! Their love is legendary:)

    5. @Brynn_jk says:

      Awesome win for my favorite TV couple ever! Go Dean and Cas. Your epic love and profound bond is awesome.

    6. Lucy says:

      Yay! we made it! they made it! they won! It's just amazing. Their love is so EPIC.

    7. Ann says:

      YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! We won! now if only this pairing would go canon already…

    8. Des says:

      YES!! Dean and Castiel won over canon couples! Now we wait for them to become canon too. It's only a matter of when and how, but I'm sure it IS going to happen! Their story is so inspirational and epic, so amazing❤ I can't wait for them to be canon. I hope they show this poll to the showrunner and crew of Supernatural, so that they see that we are truly serious and passionate about this couple and that we want it acknowledged in the show, not because it's sexy or whatever, but because Dean and Castiel deserve each other after all they've been through; because of their story together and all their profound bond has overcome. Hell, Heaven, Purgatory and now Mind control. Go Dean and Cas! :)

    9. llama says:


    10. Booky says:

      I'm SO HAPPY Dean and Cas won! I consider them the greatest love story of all time, so it really, really made me happy for them to be crowned King and King~! (Hopefully we won't need to refer to them as 'non-canon' forever. ^_^ If they go canon, it would make me SO HAPPY. I'd be weeping tears of joy for days.)

    11. Nice!!! i hope the show makes them canon, because it's the most beautiful love story in television!

    12. Minion says:

      Yes! So happy for our two kings! Best T.V. Couple! Their love is legendary. Their romance is epic. and their fans are loyal and true. Canon or not, they'll always be my favorite t.v. couple.

    13. Lisa says:

      Even if you can't or won't see them as being in a sexual/romantic relationship Dean & Castiel have one of the most amazing bromance a ever. They have nearly as much for each other then Dean & Sam, and only because Dean & Sam have had more seasons/life to do it in.

      All hail our two Kings. I just love it when the Overlord and his BFF win polls with the characters they lovingly created

    14. asdfghjkl says:

      Hell yeah

    15. Catherine says:

      sweet baby jests yes

    16. gracie says:

      fuck yeah!!!

    17. Finally, now will the writers please make this happen ?

    18. Cristina says:

      YES! Now, make it canon.

    19. @anelise says:


    20. Ariana Romero says:

      I'm so proud of my boys!

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