Store In Sweden Uses Average Sized Mannequins, World Poos Pants [Sugar Binge]

A department store in Sweden, called Ahlens, decided to use some mannequins with an average woman’s body type. The mannequin probably looks like what a lot of people look like in nude, yet people were furious because they said the mannequins reinforced obesity. It’s a bit odd since the mannequin doesn’t have a big belly or anything that would remotely suggest obesity. (A larger mid-drift is considered a more “unhealthy” body type as opposed to one where the weight is carried in the hips and bust but you can still be healthy even with a bigger belly, so whatever.) It doesn’t really make a lot of sense that people would be upset since the store decided to use the larger mannequins along with the traditional ones which are usually a size 4-6. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little diversity and wouldn’t you  be more likely to buy something if you had a more accurate representation of how it would look on you?

Lindsay Lohan was in a movie you’ve never seen, never heard of, won’t watch and oh yeah, it’s doing horribly in sales.

There was the whole Kid’s Choice Awards thing. If you’re into that.

No one likes McDonald’s anymore because duuuuuuuh.

Do women’s magazines objectify women too

“Such a fantasy of empowerment could perhaps be seen as feminist, with a major caveat. Women’s magazines do let women take the (usually male) position of master. But they also and insistently want them to continue to occupy the position of mastered object. In women’s magazines, women can be the lookers, but only if they also and simultaneously imagine themselves as looked at.”

Women and men are taught to judge, objectify and aspire to be, other women’s bodies. Plain and simple.

JGL on Jeopardy as a teenager is adorable.



    1. rebeccasage says:

      that mannequin thing is so dumb…they have awesome figures…sidenote: we had swedish exchange students that were babes and they looked a lot like that actually…ppl are annoying.

    2. Shanthi says:

      The people who are making a fuss over the new mannequin are obviously not the average people! and let's be honest here, how many of us see an outfit on a mannequin and think it look's great and then when we try it on, it looks horrible because we aren't a size 00 with the perfect curves! The new mannequin would definitely help me better decide if an outfit would look good on me!

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