Why Do Guys Sleep With Girls They’re Not Attracted To? [Ask A Dude]

Hey Dude!

My best guy friend recently slept with a girl in our Chem lab group. He had previously mentioned to me that he thought she was nice, but that there wasn’t really an attraction there between the two of them. Naturally when he told me a couple weeks later that they had hooked up, I was surprised. He insisted he still didn’t find her attractive, and wasn’t really looking to date her. When I asked him how he could possibly be interested in sex with her, he looked at me like I was crazy.

Dude, I’m coming to you. How do guys just sleep with girls they’re not physically attracted to and don’t see a future with? Is the need to get laid just so intense that anyone will do in a jam?

-Questioning the Chemistry

Dear Questioning the Chemistry,


Thanks for your question, tune in next week.


The Dude

P.S. Okay, maybe a little more explanation and exploration is warranted.

Need to spread the seed can be all powerful. You can sleep with people you don’t like, You can sleep with someone you weren’t into 20 minutes ago. Circumstances lead to, what you might consider, illogical or conflicting actions. Which means, if he’s horny enough, and she’s there and horny, too, then there’s a good bet they’ll satisfy each others’ needs. And why not?

When a girl says she’s ready to go, a guy is going to stop and deliberate. Don’t care who she is. Where they are. What time it is. He’s going to consider it, even for the shortest of hours. Sex is something that we crave on a not-so-subconscious level. And I firmly believe that every guy is terrified that one day all the sex in the world will run out like Dodo meat. Poof! Gone. And he’ll never be able to have it again so he figures any opportunity is one worth a pros vs. cons debate.

Also, how often does he get laid? The chances to have sex, especially when one’s not tied down to another person in the nearish vicinity, aren’t always overflowing. If it’s been a while then, yeah, he’ll consider it. Again, why not?

P.P.S. Don’t look for dignity, that’s something men have had to adopt as we’ve evolved with civilization.

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    4. ange says:

      My boyfriend was with my friend when we just broke up. Then asked me back out then 3 years later on my birthday l pass out sick. They keep drinking then sleep with each other which l still know nothing about. He wanted to tell me she said don’t it will hurt her,then 10 years later l’m engaged with a son to him on his b’day l catch him touching her just left them alone for 5 mins drunk. Then a week later she tells me everything. What should l do he says his made a big mastake and doesn’t want to drink anymore says it clouds his judgement… And shes ugly compared to me does he like her?

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