The Semi-Official “Game of Thrones” Drinking Game

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Game of Thrones is coming back to HBO starting this Sunday, March 31st and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited! I’m fully hooked on the fantasy-meets-medieval setting; battles, dragons and all. Game of Thrones seems to have universal appeal and, in its two seasons, has quickly become one of HBO’s biggest hits. Because this season has been long-anticipated, we’ve decided it’s the perfect excuse for a celebration and what’s a celebration without a drinking game? Yes, nothing. HBO has actually created an official game, but obviously we at CollegeCandy can do them one better.

First: pick your poison. HBO suggests different drinks for different houses, so how about you and your friends split up into “houses” (teams) and each choose a signature drink? Whiskey for the Baratheons, something slick like Goldschlager for the Lannisters and reliable gin or rum for the Starks.