Why Having a Non-Boyfriend Is Awesome, As Told By GIFs

I think it might be every girl’s subconscious dream to have a ‘non-boyfriend.’ Just that dude you can call a best friend that you really have no intention of moving in on; you honestly are just really good friends. You keep that masculine/feminine line pretty intact, but you still work really well together. You can go on little mini-dates to get lunch, attend functions with each other when you’re awkward and don’t have anyone else to ask, ya know…just your everyday utility boy that’s a friend to fill in the gaps when you need him.

The Frisky just posted an article today entitled “The 10 Best Things About Non-Boyfriends,” and it is really making me want to start scoping out some new bro bffs.

Men are honest, usually, so I think the two best things about having a non-boyfriend that the Frisky has listed are that they will give you an unbiased dude’s perspective on relationships, and also tell you if you look like crap without hurting your feelings (usually).

Click here to read the other 8 items on the list, and tell us if you agree or disagree with having non-boyfriends.

Can these relationships really stay platonic? Tell us below!

[Lead image via Aleksandr Markin/Shutterstock]

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    1. rosesformeg says:

      Its called putting him in the friendzone.

    2. Shanthi says:

      I have spent many years asking many girls this question and I always get varied answers. I call it, the "When Harry Met Sally Question" (LOL): Can a guy and a girl just be friends forever?

    3. jasper says:

      I could never be this man, unless the girl in question I found to be not sexually attractive… or I already had a gorgeous girlfriend.

      1. fabiola says:

        thats the problem with men!!

      2. MangoHawk says:

        No problem on a mans end, we just don't like our time wasted. We have better things to do then listen to you females drone on about your problems. Those of us who have goals and drive in life have no time for females like this. It makes us 'time hoes'. You want a male best friend? Go get a dildo or a gay guy, because chances are, if we have the chance, we will try and bang you.

    4. Fabiola says:

      why we as women can have this kind of man and a men can´t have this kind of woman? I don´t get it, men are so delayed.. EVOLVE!

      1. Rob says:

        Because you´re asking for a lot of time from a man who could rather be spending it with someone who does also, in fact. Have a sexual interest in him. You´re asking for a 24/7 guy. Which is something men only provide to their GF. How would you like a man constantly calling you so you can go watch him play in his team? a man who calls you to go get some beers or play video games or do any other men stuff? Would you do it? Because that´s how men usually let off steam. That are our passtimes.

    5. p3n says:

      "Why having a non-girlfriend is awesome."

      Every guy's dream is to have a hot girl who he can put on speed dial for fucking, cleaning his apartment, and, most importantly, keeping her fucking mouth shut.

      God. Why can't women evolve already?

    6. E_G says:

      Wouldn't it be great to get validation without doing anything worthy of it?

    7. nash says:

      people are different, i have many guy friends. and no we won't fall for each other because
      a) we're not each other's types
      b) i know what a dick he can be to girls, so i won't even bother.
      c) he know that i think he's a dick so HE won't even bother.

      and for some reason, with guy friends who i have ended up sleeping with at one point, i manage to let it slide and get on with being friends again.

      and yes, guys and girls can be friends for a very long time without being attracted to each other. my best friend is a dude and we've been friends for 6 years. he listens to me cry about a guy and i listen to him rant about his girlfriend. you see, when there's a strong foundation for friendship, nothing else matters.

      you see guys and gals, it's not that complicated, if we're willing to not complicate it.

    8. Gil Romdy says:

      Of course girls wants everything.

    9. Popdat says:

      My two of my best friends are girls.

      It's not complicated or a long story. We are friends, we met as friends and that is what is of value. If we wanted something romantic or sexual we would have engaged each other as such but nope we met as friends and we are friends.

      No anguish or second guessing.

      People who find this impossible is b/c I have found in coed friendships one of two things happening.

      A) The relationship was insincere from the beginning.
      ~one party wanted sex/romance but got rejected or was never given a green light and so they settled for friend . Holding a torch for the reject-er to have a change of heart. This can be innocent nerves or deceitful schemers and its not always evident from the outside.

      B) Low Sexual IQ
      ~This is the most common form which takes shape among parties who have low experience in interaction with the party they are attracted to gay, straight whatever. This manifests itself in the inability of a person to separate sexualization from interaction. [IE: A hetero male is unable to separate sex from any interaction involving a female. And Vice versa.]

      Take it or leave it. I've seen other coed BFFs but there is always an inequality scale. My girls are fine as shit, i'm what I am but not one of us sober, drunk or otherwise have ever come close to pushing up on each other.

      If I was starving for vagina I can totally see how a guy could only see sex when he sees a girl. And dudes like that all say the same shit like

      p3n who said, "Every guy's dream is to have a hot girl who he can put on speed dial for fucking, cleaning his apartment, and, most importantly, keeping her fucking mouth shut."

      Guys who say that kind of shit seriously well, you can look them in the eye and know their sex IQ.

      I love my home girls and we have never had drama or angst over the fact that i've got a penis and they a vagina. Our respective partners sometimes get uneasy but they learn its nothing and more importantly we don't get offended when our partners get uneasy.

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