10 Teenage Actresses (Creepily) Too Young For Their Onscreen Love Interests

Casting roles can get very creepy sometimes. There’s this long standing myth that men are more attractive when they are older and women are only attractive when they are younger. The result is that beauty obsessed Hollywood often ends up casting very young women as female ingenues and much older men as their love interests. Not only does that send a bizarre message to viewer it also forces teenage actress to behave in sexualized ways, often having to simulate sex with these older men or actually do nude scenes. Some of these castings are just awkward, some of them are just damn shocking and some of these couples dated in real life. Yikes. If you can think of any other actresses who were too young for their roles let us know in the comments!

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    1. karla18 says:

      The Croods 2013

    2. Arabella says:

      Jennifer Lawrence(22) and Bradley Cooper(38) too.

      1. caro says:

        in fact, Jennifer Lawrence is too young for her own character,her character is written for a 30 and something actress

    3. lupelobo says:

      In all honestly I never really thought about it! (then again, I know nothing about pop culture these days). But it really needs to be addressed more. Also, the fact that their parents (I'm sure the 16 year old has them still) should also be questioned.

      Pretty soon we'll be back in thos dark ages where little girls are engaged to older men. *shudders*

    4. MsA says:

      Paranormal Activity 4. The lead actors were Kathryn Newton (then 15), and Matt Shively (then 21). Kathryn said they shot a kissing scene but it never made the final cut.

    5. joblo says:

      Iris was NOT Travis Bickle's love interest in "Taxi Driver." Did you even watch the movie? He pushed her away when she tried to get him interested.

    6. Truro says:

      In Heroes Hayden & Milo play niece and uncle, definitely not a love interest! They were dating in real life only…

      1. emeraldgritty says:

        OMG you're right they were related. I remember early on in the series it seemed like they were going to get together then they turned out to be uncle and niece later on. Thanks for pointing that out.

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