Win a Spa Day Plus a $200 Prize Pack from ReadyU! [Giveaway]

There is just no possible way to describe the stress levels that finals week brings. I just can’t handle it sometimes. I eat everything in sight, weird muscles start to cramp that I didn’t even know I had, and suddenly six cups of coffee an hour sounds like a totally healthy idea.

I really apologize for reminding all of you that this dreaded week is quickly approaching. To make up for that awful walk down memory lane, ReadyU, the ultimate resource for college students, wants to treat you to a spa day plus a prize pack full of beauty and grooming goodies, so you can get ready for summer in style once exam season is officially over.

Want to snag your own little relaxing spa time in between that econ and government final?

To enter, just tell us below what you’re favorite study break is during finals, and we’ll pick the best suggestion!

Contest Closed

*NOTE: Spa day value will be dictated by the winner’s regional location and cost of service in relation to value of prize pack.



    1. Bonnie Jo says:

      I like to put on a song I love and dance around! It gets my blood flowing and wakes me up:)

    2. Melanie says:

      I like to walk to the park and meet cute dogs to play with!

    3. Maria says:

      I like to clean my room because it helps me take my mind of the stress of exams

    4. Shannon says:

      I like getting milkshakes and sitting by the pool to relax before going back to studying

    5. Rachel says:

      Getting back into bed under huge amounts of blankets and online shopping. It generally turns into a good nap

    6. Tamara says:

      My absolute favorite thing to relax during finals is go to an event my school has that week where they bring in puppies from the shelter for everyone to play with! Some puppies get adopted and all of them are smothered with lots of love from us and everyone leaves a lot happier:)

    7. Candice Dyer says:

      My favorite study break is getting a massage!

    8. Izzy says:

      I like to either go to the gym or walk to the diner near campus with friends as a way of getting away from the library for a little while.

    9. deanna hanson says:

      go hiking

    10. Smaunder says:

      I like to spend my study breaks "shopping" online for my future house, and deciding how I would decorate it, and what style it will be.

    11. smellingink says:

      Favorite study break? Easy. Reading my favorite magazines (InStyle, Cosmopolitan), eating crackers + apples + hummus, having a private dance party in my dorm room, and taking a stroll around my beautiful campus of USC!

    12. Danielle says:

      Watching TV with my boyfriend!! especially old sitcoms like Cheers

    13. Rachel says:

      My favorite way to de-stress during finals is to take a little yoga break!

    14. AJS says:

      My favorite study break is enjoying some delicious comfort food, i.e. macaroni and cheese, pizza, chili mac, buffalo wings, etc.

    15. Jackie C says:

      My favorite study break is to go to a pet store or animal shelter and play with some puppies/dogs. I get to relax and have fun while helping the animals get some exercise

    16. Dina Czerepak says:

      My favorite steady break is some retail therapy at the nearest outlet mall followed by a mani-pedi with my girls

    17. Kali says:

      my favorite study break is tumbr, college candy, facebook, and getting snacks

    18. claire says:

      My favorite study break is watching funny Youtube videos like Kingsley and JennaMarbles.

    19. rachel says:

      Having a dance party with my girls!!

    20. Allyssa says:

      My sorority sisters and I took a vinyassa yoga break during a stressful group project meeting to unwind.

    21. Me'Lisa says:

      My best study break is working at my job. I work at the dc (dining commons) at my school. So not only do I get paid for taking a study break for 2-4 hours but I also get access to free, good, and healthy food. And get to hang out with cool co-workers:)

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