The 5 Best Dramatic Readings of the Angry Delta Gamma Email

The Greek community, and everyone else on earth, went up into arms over an email that leaked out of the University of Maryland’s Delta Gamma chapter last week. Apparently, their fellow sister, Rebecca Mortinson, was not happy about their “social performance” (whatever the hell that is) during Greek Week on the campus. The letter was so bad that other DG chapters around the country requested that the UM girls lose their charter. If you haven’t seen how bad it was, we’ve got the whole email here. The Frisky also compiled a list of her previous tweets (before it was mysteriously deleted).

Now that you’ve got the background, because of how outrageous this was people everywhere are rereading the email with their own little hilarious twists. We’ve compiled a list of five of the most hilarious for your convenience! Enjoy!

1.) Amy Davy

Comedian and actress Amy Davy gives her preppy/almost politician-looking spin on the hilarious message.

2.) Alison Haislip

Alison is an actress and TV host (The Voice) and gives a sassy rendition of the email, she really channels Rebecca Mortinson.

3.) Barbie as read by Brittnay Matthews

This version is just hilarious because I really did picture Barbie dolls abusing each other when I read it.

4.) The Huffington Post: “If Deranged Sorority Emailer Wrote Obama’s Gun Control Speech Scolding Senate”

Though not technically a reading, this was a really clever spin. Props to Huff Post.

5.) Michael Shannon

This is absolutely the funniest version yet. It reminds me of the Mayhem guy from Allstate.

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