14 GIFs That Make Us Ponder The Male Twerk

The male twerk is a rare species of twerk often located in the depths of Youtube vloggers’ bedrooms, a few gay clubs, parking lots and apparently by your high school lockers. It’s a form of twerk similar to other twerks, like the Miley Cyrus twerk, the ratchet twerk and sorority twerk, in that it is equally hypnotic, sometimes seductive, yet leaves the body in a state of distress, unease or discomfort.

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    1. hopkinsrere says:

      lmao i need lessons

    2. ALi says:

      whoa it's Key from Shinee (a kpop group) in the 4th gif 0_0

      1. TOP7en says:

        OMG! I freaked out too!! But still.. YES to Key twerking ;D

    3. gay guys says:

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