The 10 Best Hair Tutorials on the Web

I am kind of obsessed with my hair. I’m pretty sure it all started when I discovered that the Internet is filled with amazing hair tutorials. I’ve never really been super great at doing hair, but with a little practice, I’ve actually gotten pretty good! There are a bunch of different fashion and beauty blogs that do a favor and provide their readers with step-by-step guides on how to get super cute hair!

There are absolutely endless hair how-tos that are absolutely adorable. From fishtails to french braids, I’ve decided to compile some of the best hair tutorials out there that are perfect for this wonderful Spring weather we’re finally having! 

1. The Cascade Braid

2. The Ponytail Twist

3. The French Braid

4. Beach Waves

5. Low Chignon Bun

6. Twisted French Braid

7. Four Strand Lace Braid

8. The Top Knot

9. Vintage Curls

10. Volume Ponytail

[Lead Image via Paper Blog]

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    1. alansmith15 says:

      my sister is crazy about her hair as well… she loves to do a lot of tricks with her hair but i like her best if it's just long and shiny, anything simple brings out the beauty to any women.

    2. glowing skin says:

      There’s no need to splash the cash on expensive skin care cosmetics when you can make most of the stuff yourself at home. It’s pretty easy with everyday ingredients. – Becs

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